‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond~’ Wait, You’re a Vampire though… Wrong Book?



How This Works (Straight from the Agrronaut)

Since I apparently have a knack for over complicating things, the way this is going to work has changed a little bit after some discussion with the Blaugust community as a whole. Here is an attempt at a straight forward rundown of how the process is going to go, and here is also hoping that we manage to pull this off without someone getting confused along the way.

  • On the date specified above, a given content creator is going to share a prompt with the community.
    • The content of the post is in theory going to address that specific prompt.
    • Content creators have been assigned a prompt, but also have been given leverage to swap these out as they see fit.
      • Side note: Prompt bearers, please let me know if you plan on swapping topics so I can keep the master list updated. Any topics that are getting swapped out are listed down below as “spares”.
  • Near the bottom of a days post, the content creator will share the name and site link for the next content creator in sequence. This will lead the community to where they can find the next days prompt.
  • Everyone “playing along at home” should receive thirty one days worth of fresh prompts to pick and choose which ones they wish to create content based on.
  • The process should also shine the light on the various prompt bearers sites and hopefully drive traffic to them for participating.
  • When a prompt based topic is shared, please use the Hashtag #Blaugust2020 in order to increase visibility and allow folks to find them easily.


What is Some Popular Piece of Content/Media That Seems to be Universally Loved That You Have Never Been Able to Understand?

I’m certain this post is not going to bode well for certain blogs but I want to state that this is just my opinion, and everyone should love to read what they love. I have nothing against the fandom or even the writer, I just feel these books weren’t for me, and I drew my own conclusions about them from reading. These are two popular media content that was pretty viral and a big deal a few years back, I honestly couldn’t get into the books or the romance presented in them.


I tried my best to wrap my head into the world that Bella was thrust into, but I feel that because of the books I read and shows I’ve watched, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I was extremely bewildered by the fact that these vampires could walk in daylight and they glittered in the sun. It was a strange element, and I did try to pursue the book further but ended up feeling more confused and disappointed after I reached the ending of the book.

[SPOILER ALERT] Also, I did get confused about the werewolf stuff too, and how Jacob ended up branding Bella’s daughter to be his mate in the end (which baffled me more than won praise). However, I think the lesson I learned from the series altogether was…



Extremely unpopular opinion, I tried reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series, and that didn’t work out well for me. I remember trying to push through each chapter and asking what exactly is happening to the main character. When this book first came onto my radar, a lot of my friends from the Otome world were actually hyping about it, so I took it upon myself to read if the book was as good as I was being told it was. I had understood the book had BDSM in it, and I wasn’t afraid to read about these ‘taboo’ scenes, I had already been tangled with these sultrier romances from Evernight Publishing.

I remember coming out of the novel with the feeling of wanting to burn the novel because there were many things I felt that were wrong about what was portrayed. However, the other part was there wasn’t something for a reader to actually like about the two characters in general. I remember sitting there wondering what exactly I had read, and if I could get back the last five days of my life from reading the book.

In the best perspective, someone wrote something similar to my thoughts on Tumblr a while back ago making a comparison to Christian and Hannibal. It summed up my thoughts and also what I felt about the characters as well and how I saw them. Let’s take a look:

download (3)

download (1)download (4)download


download (2)

Original was on a tumblr that I can’t find anymore, but this was found through http://rebloggy.com/


To Each Their Own Tea

giphy (4)

Both books are a source of media that I will never understand, or why they were hyped to the point that people would scream and faint. It still bemuses me to this day about these two novels and their monstrous notoriety amongst romance readers. While I could never get into the books or quite understand the love between the characters, if it can get someone to read a book–then that is justice served for the book world.


2 thoughts on “‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond~’ Wait, You’re a Vampire though… Wrong Book?

    • The show for Hannibal is on my to watch list! However, yes, on the comparisons for Hannibal and Christian, I had been searching the tumblr web when I stumbled upon this diagram. I’ve read the Hannibal series and when I actually thought about the two men and their perspective significant others… I was impressed and also disturbed by it as well. However, it also did provoke some good conversations with friends. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, Mr. Peril ^_^!


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