In The Name of Moon–Can We Get Some Pizza, Dude? [Media That Shaped My Views]



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What Are Some Key Sources of Media (Games/Movies/Etc) That Have Shaped Your Worldview?


This is a bit of a new area of blogging for me to write and speak about my adventures in the book realms versus my usual chats about books. However, the prompt does bring to mind a lot of books that helped shape my views on the world and my overall way of thinking. Harry Potter being one of the key series that molded my ideals about friendship, family, and courage to look into the darker aspects of our lives and facing them head on. You either love or hate this book series, I adore it, and I was one of those kids who would bug my parents to please let me go to the midnight opening sales at Barnes and Noble to get a copy of the next book.

The series taught me core values and also was a safety blanket for me when I was going through a lot of bullying at my school. It helped ease my heart and mind that I had fictional characters to turn to for advice and ideas on how to face the real monsters that lurked beyond the pages of a book. I have nothing but respect for the book series and love it to this day, I’m a proud Gryffindor/Thunderbird!

giphy (1)



The Are you Afraid of the Dark series besides Goosebumps, was a pivotal part of my childhood that also helped shape me into the horror loving fan that I am as of today. Yes, the stories a quite tame compared to what I watch now but these stories opened the door to the paranormal side of my life and inspired part of my curiosity to research true ghost stories and supernatural phenomenon. I remember trying to record on my VHS all the episodes of this series so I could rewatch them on the weekends or replay that at sleepovers.

It was also a show that brought on some up and coming actors and actresses that we weren’t realizing were going to be big names in the 90s. Like… Melissa Joan Hart, who became well known and popular for Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

giphy (3)


giphy (4)

Kingdom Hearts was a big deal for me back in high school thanks to my best friend who bought it for me for my birthday LOL. I adored the series since it combined both Final Fantasy and Disney together, but it didn’t bypass the feels about friendship and love. The game taught some very important values and also… the importance about the decisions you make and the consequences they can incur.

I don’t want to spoil the game for those who haven’t played it, but the friendships that Sora created a long the way, and also the values about the representations of light and darkness. For someone who does shadow work, this game series spoke multitudes about seeing the darkness for what it really is besides taking down dragons and beating up Oogie Boogie.

giphy (5)


giphy (6)

We make it to the last area of the blog, where I’m going to talk about three ket pieces of media that are still relevant today that helped shape my view on the world. While my items aren’t philosophical or educational to make someone become a genius, these were shows and books that helped build a foundation for me as a child who didn’t have many friends. I at one point in life wanted to be a popular kid, because shows like The Valley Girls and Clueless made it seem that you have to be popular to be amazing.

Yet shows like Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t depend on those kinds of elements for friendship, and also love.

giphy (7)

Sailor Moon helped shape my ideals on the fact you don’t need to be popular, hell you don’t even need to be crazy talented at EVERYTHING. What it taught me was that there is only one you, and there are things that only you can do–which is what makes you strong. The right people will flock to you with just being yourself, being a complete dork and all.

giphy (8)

Power Rangers, to take a stand against what is wrong and stand your ground. It also showed kickass women who could beat the snot out of alien-like invaders and monsters with karate. Hahaha, this show inspired the MMA in me, thanks to them, I’ve been going to MMA classes whenever I can learn something new. RANGER POWER!

giphy (9)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught me that being different and loving pizza is never a bad thing, and learn to have fun. These guys knew how to throw a pizza party and their 80s/90s surfer dude lingo stuck to me throughout my childhood and even now. I’ve seen all the adaptations of the turtles, and while I still prefer the original cartoon and movies. The turtles taught some pretty awesome lessons for a kid like me, 1. Self-Defense, 2. Pizza, 3. Family, 4. Cowabunga Dudes~!



The best is always saved for last as I talk about the biggest piece of media that really brings everything I’ve mentioned above into one helluva an awesome show that helped shape my views on the world. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and while some people may disagree with the show and may have different opinions about what it stood for. I saw it as something that taught little girls like myself that we can be our own heroes, and that being ditzy, and not having all the answers to life is fine.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sincerely took the character above and beyond, and Joss Whedon helped create a masterpiece of horror, action, comedy, and supernatural lore all into one amazing character. The character portrayed flaws, and weaknesses that are relatable, and also issues that can occur in real life. Buffy helped shape my way of thinking about how to analyze problems, friendships, broken relationships, and also how to stave off vampires and the greater evils.

Thanks to the slayer, my world hasn’t ever been the same since the series ended, but I do carry around her values and the lessons that were learned from the shows run. Here’s to Girl Power and whooping some demon ass!

giphy (12)

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