Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Having An Existential Crisis with Jello Pudding



How This Works (Straight from the Agrronaut)

Since I apparently have a knack for over complicating things, the way this is going to work has changed a little bit after some discussion with the Blaugust community as a whole. Here is an attempt at a straight forward rundown of how the process is going to go, and here is also hoping that we manage to pull this off without someone getting confused along the way.

  • On the date specified above, a given content creator is going to share a prompt with the community.
    • The content of the post is in theory going to address that specific prompt.
    • Content creators have been assigned a prompt, but also have been given leverage to swap these out as they see fit.
      • Side note: Prompt bearers, please let me know if you plan on swapping topics so I can keep the master list updated. Any topics that are getting swapped out are listed down below as “spares”.
  • Near the bottom of a days post, the content creator will share the name and site link for the next content creator in sequence. This will lead the community to where they can find the next days prompt.
  • Everyone “playing along at home” should receive thirty one days worth of fresh prompts to pick and choose which ones they wish to create content based on.
  • The process should also shine the light on the various prompt bearers sites and hopefully drive traffic to them for participating.
  • When a prompt based topic is shared, please use the Hashtag #Blaugust2020 in order to increase visibility and allow folks to find them easily.


What type of content do you feel is underrated?


This is a tough prompt for me, I don’t know what can be considered underrated if there is plenty of fandoms that are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the internet. I could say that visual novels are still underrated compared to MMORPG, FPS, JRPGS, and life simulators. However, that’s begun to change in the community sites I’ve visited over the past few months.

Hmm, maybe it might be the whole casual gaming side might be underrated because it’s not as interactive as it would be to go hunting aliens or using stealth mode. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that casual style gaming is a good relief for a tired brain that works twelve-hour shifts at the frontlines.

Playing leisure point and click options as well is a different way of gaming, and while it doesn’t seem ‘traditional’ to the avid ‘hardcore’ jockey type gamers. It’s still a game and a pleasant experience for those looking to not get entirely engrossed into a game and die by a boss 20x over because your concentration is shot from your exhaustion.


Games That I Know I Need to Concentrate (Because My Brain Can Wander…)

giphy (5)

I do love shooting zombies, but there are plenty of days my lack of concentration reduces my accuracy to shoot targets properly.


Oh… the lag… and then you mess up the chain and the mission… I go and rage LOL

Most JRPGs, RPGs, and other battle tactical games require a bit of concentration depending on the bosses you fight or the strategy you need to implement to win the game. There’s nothing wrong with these games or the FPS type either, but in my old age, I realized my peripheral vision started to get worse from reading too many books from my younger years and my eyesight wasn’t as reactive to fast-moving objects.

When it came to JRPGs, RPG, or strategy, those required a bit more thought for me, and the way you put your troops out on the field can either make or break the battle. Same goes for big bosses in JRPGs when you may need to do something in a certain fashion to attack the boss, like hit it with a thunderbolt, then a monk needs to slam its fists into the face, and then the warrior needs to charge into the belly of the beast–etc. This kind of tactic can work… if it’s a turn-based situation but when a monster is free to roam around and you’re chasing after it… Aha… I can’t explain the times I’ve failed and killed my party LOL!

I blame my tired brain from the work shifts I had…




Wait… I thought this was a horror game…?

Turning it over to casual gaming style, when there are plenty of days that I feel haggard by the work week and just don’t want to think. But I want to play a game that won’t accost me my party’s levels, have me die from being eaten by zombies because my eyesight sucks, and can still engage in a captivating plot. Bam! Visual Novels, and sometimes the engagement is a little more than I could chew especially when the game appears innocent to the individual playing it.


A little more interactive, Nancy Drew games; still casual

Certain games are just easy click-throughs while others take it a step up and you have to use certain items to complete the task at hand. Nancy Drew is a pretty good representation of the point and click but there’s also puzzle work to be done besides trying to figure out the mystery at hand.


The moment shit got real in ‘School Days’ the Visual Novel Game, and I screamed for a long time (point and click casual style)

Ah, then there are the games that will haunt you for the rest of your life because you assumed that they were innocent. Sure, most ‘choose your own adventure’ does have a happy ending if you play it right, but others… It doesn’t matter what answers you choose, even if you’re playing as your true self. Sometimes the ending is the one that ends up static and you still get the HEA or HFN ending, and then other times… you’re just dead LMAO.


Love Letter from Thief X

However, a lot of the times, visual novel types carry a lot of humor and romance, depending on which type you go for. Usually, I try to find the rom-com ones on days I’m feeling a bit down, and I need something that I can relate with on a spiritual level–like when someone stole my food at work… Or my husband eats my food …. (the food grudge is real).

download (2)

I’m getting off-topic


giphy (6)

Hmm, there’s a lot I can go on about with the feelings that visual novels are underrated for being either too predictable because you need to answer a certain way for the game to end accordingly. However, there are other types of games to pursue if you’re not interested in doing the ‘choose your own adventure’ type of deal that RL Stine is known to do for his Goosebump Series. Whichever the case, this is a shorter blog than most of the ones I write about, but for the most part.

download (1)

Thanks for stopping by on the blog, and see you on the gaming side~!

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