The Milky way prince: the vampire star game review (bl game)



Milky Way Prince is a first person Interactive visual novel about an abusive relationship with a partner who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.
It’s a Love/Erotic story, between a guy and a “shooting star” that follows player’s decisions. Falling in love with people with BPD is like falling in love with a star. The more the love grows the more unstable they become.
The main themes are idealization, self-annihilation/sacrifice for the beloved one and codependency.

Reaching the Milky Way with the Prince is the main goal of the game.

What’s the Milky Way? It’s unclear. Something good for sure.
How can you reach it? Helping the Prince/ giving love to him.
What’s the price to pay? It slowly consumes your inner star. (IGF)

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This game contains representation of abuse and borderline personality disorder that some may find distressing or disturbing, including those who themselves may have had similar experiences. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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.⋆。⋆˚。MAIN CHARACTERS。˚☽˚。⋆.


My first impression of Nuki was he is bored with his life, and while he sometimes portrays a happy fellow he has his moments of anxiety and overthinking. He can constantly overthink many things, which is relatable, however, he can go overboard with his inner monologue.

Gray’s First Impression


When we first meet Sune, he’s crying in front of a coffee shop, and the scene itself speaks volumes. While he looks harmless, he has issues that he hides, or seems to be hiding at first glance.

Gray’s First Impression
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.⋆。⋆˚。GAME PLAY & CONTROLS。˚☽˚。⋆.

The game has a unique answering system, while it has similar elements to a visual novel game’s ‘pick your own adventure’ type of system. It is not, as certain answers will lead to other options to ask or enact in the game, the concept reminds me a little of The Nonary Games and Danganronpa. Note to gamers: CHOICES MATTER.

Another unique system of the game, but also something that was troubling for me, was the constant moving of the camera when using your mouse. The game does advise that there is flashing lights, moving scenarios, and there are certain aspects that the game has jump scares (but I think the jump scares are not intentional!). However, the screen moves back and forth with the mouse, which I understand is also for the character to travel around his area, but… With the way that the art and coloration scheme of the game was, I actually got motion sickness. So if you wish to avoid that type of ordeal, just use your space key and only move the mouse when you need to interact with certain objects.

Another interesting feature is the use of a cellphone. but be advised, probably turn down the effects so you don’t jump every time you get a message.

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When we first start the game we get another reminder that this game contains representation of abuse and BPD, so anyone who is not comfortable with these situations, this is a just a fair warning to let you know what you’re about to read. I you aren’t comfortable with this type of subject matter, please check out the other game reviews I’ve made on my Game Reviews tab.

When we first enter the the visual novel world of The Milky Way Prince, we are introduced to a children’s story that depicts the fairytale of a prince from the sky. The story itself is pivotal in the actual game as it represents something for Nuki and his love for the stars above. The art work if very different, and the 3D animation was a very welcomed surprise at first, including the color palette being used as something to help the reader focus on the impending emotions that are about to ensue.

We are immediately thrust into Nuki’s perspective as soon as we finish the novel, we get an idea that he may be bored and also anxious about life in general. He does have stars in his eyes, and I am going to admit that as we follow him down the path of his relationship with Sune, that stardust in his eyes truly causes him to be blinded to the situations that occur between himself and Sune.

Meeting Sune is a very turbulent experience, and going through the motions that we see unfolding between the two, the situation becomes uncomfortable and to the point that the two are suffocating one another. One being addicted to the idea of his love for Sune, and the other addicted and conflicted to his abusive affair with Nuki.

While the game’s major elements and plot seen sound in the summary of the game, the narrative in which it is written was hard to get into. It was genuinely hard to get attached to the characters and find the memorable, a lot of areas fell flat where I felt the syntax could have been stronger with it’s storytelling. I understand that the game is semi-autobiographical, and their were certain scenes and emotions portrayed in the game that did cause ripples of emotions from within me to react.

However, the game is very different with its stance on art, visuals, and music. While I didn’t prefer all the movement when you’re bouncing about certain areas of a room or vicinity, there wasn’t much to explore or become engaged in, which was a bit saddening. After playing the game, I’m still not certain if I’ve gotten all the messages this game wants to say, as there’s a lot of symbolism and a lot to read ‘in between the lines.”

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.⋆。⋆˚。GRAY’S CORNER。˚☽˚。⋆.

I certainly feel there was something missing with the entire plot, but that could be just me, and I’m not looking to fight anyone on it. Telling a story of trauma, heartbreak, abuse, and depression is hard, and expressing it in a game as a platform is equally harder because you’re giving other people insight into certain dark areas of your life. The Milky Way Prince is definitely unique and courageous, as it displays hard topics that are often swept under the rug, however, with a story that was very hard to grasp with a very weak narrative to influence the scenes, it would be hard for me to recommend the game to others.

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!

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