Tales from the Nook: BURN IT WITH FIRE ACT II

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As we roll into August, the dark and horror gamer part of myself starts to peek out from the shadows. Peering out to see if it’s her time to parade around the blog and other social media outlets to speak about dark fairytales, creepy characters, terrifying novels, and nightmare fuel games. Welcome to the side of Gray’s Otome and Visual Novel Corner that focuses on both VN and Cozy Nook aspects of Gray’s Otome & VN Corner.

Where suspense, thrillers, and horror games take over. While some otome games meet the creepy aspect of the horror criteria, it’s rare… depending on what game you’ve gotten into your hands. Before we proceeded, I’d like to say thanks to Kelly from Another Book in the Wall Blog for making these Halloween themed prompts!


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Reader beware, these visual novels aren’t for those who want romance flair, these are for those who dare to face their darkest nightmares.  


If you aren’t a horror fan please check out my other blogs! Otherwise, if you like terror and creepy stuff…




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I don’t usually put a ban on books that I manage to get my hands on, but there are those that I pair with a rule, if you will, just so that you’re not up in the awful hours at night. While I shouldn’t mind that books can keep someone engaged for hours, I’m all for that, but there are certain books I wouldn’t be caught reading up until the dead of night anymore. Why? Because I prefer not having to look over my shoulder and jump every second at 3AM because I’m reading a horror book about demonic possession and invisible forces of hell.

In today’s blog from the nook, I’m going to talk about books that you wouldn’t catch me reading in the dead of night; at least not anymore, since I had to learn my lesson from the first reading session. LMAO!


.。*゚+.*.。STEPHEN KING.。+..。*゚+


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Most of Stephen King’s books, I don’t read at night or beyond a certain hour of the day due to the material that lies inside of his books. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain novels that are less intense and wouldn’t make you scared to the point that Pennywise is creeping up behind you. However, stories that can psychologically mess with your brain are more bone chilling for me, and he manages to weave a lot of these types of narratives very well. 

He isn’t one of the kings of horror for nothing, and he definitely knows what kind of nightmares people can dream in their subconscious. Stephen King is fairly gifted in the category of inspiring the worst nightmares that can be both dark fantasy and psychologically horrific. So beware when you pick up any of his novels that are in the horror section of your bookstore, the titles may read as a bore at times, but covers are always deceiving. 



I’ve watched the movie and read this book, and the book still terrifies me as does the movie. Eff this book and how it kept me up at night LMAO! I never thought that vampires could be truly frightening until this novel, and I have a love and hate relationship with it to this day. Like seriously, the whole thing helped fuel my nightmares and also my interest in vampire fiction and lore. Not only was it terrifying, it made it hard for me to sleep at night with the fact I might invite a stranger into my home through a window becomes I was hypnotized in some sort of way. Like, good lord, that’s the last thing I wanted but the novel managed to trigger other terrific nightmares in the fading light… Once again, I’ll say I love this book and hate it at the same time. 



I actually never used to hate clowns when I was a kid, I used to watch a show called Bozo the Clown with my grandma in the early mornings. I never had fears or worried as a child when I’d see a clown, until this TV movie series called “IT” in the 1990s came out and my mom happened to be watching it without paying attention that her young daughter was watching it too (my mom was ironing clothes and had left her room door open so I was able to peak in to see what she was watching). I had always been a fan of Tim Curry, because of his roles in Home Alone 2 and Muppet Treasure Island. However, this role.. took the cake, and I’ll always remember him as IT. 

When I was old enough, I picked up a copy of the novel as a teen at the local library and read it… I was a zombie in class thanks to this novel. Thanks to this clown, I was filled with anxiety and dread whenever a clown popped up, including the year when people dressed as clowns were spawning like zombies in different parts of the USA!




This book and the movie, even after all this time I won’t ever read or watch it again. JFC! I have never in all my life thought that I could get scared by children until this book and the movie didn’t make it any better. To this day, I had watched the movie as a child, and I remembered it didn’t scare me, but I was too young to really understand what was going on versus watching Pennywise, who was blatantly eating people. When I was old enough I remember finding this novel at the library and didn’t think much of it and pursued reading it on a weekend. Lucky me it was a weekend, because I was hearing things in the middle of the damn night and freaking out every second.

Also, because I was being a prideful little brat, I decided that after having finished the book and that I shouldn’t be scared of the original movie since it was adapted sometime in the 80s-90s, I shouldn’t be as scared. WRONG! NEVER AGAIN!


I have not watched the Netflix adaptation, nor do I want to because the book itself is already horrifyingly insane for something that was written in the 1950s. Shirley Jackson sincerely wrote a masterpiece of fictional horror, and the ending left me … Well, nope not gonna say it because it’ll spoil the novel. Anyways, while people can easily watch novel adaptions of great literary works, nothing beats reading them in the middle of a silent night with the wind blowing hard against your windows and your house making terrifying noises to boot.

The mental decline of the character, JFC, and just everything in the book will forever terrify the teenage me for centuries even when I’m laid to rest in the ground. This is a book I will never pick up again at night, or maybe not ever again, period. It’s a good book, but I won’;t read it again after the nightmares it induced LMAO.


.。*゚+.*.。BLOODY NIGHTS.。+..。*゚+


Before there was a movie, there was a comic book of the same vein and it was the most unforgiving tale of bloodshed I had read. 30 Days of Night is a classic tale of vampires in their most primal and vicious state that I can’t erase from my mind, as the tale itself is cutthroat and the loss of innocence is cruel. I read a lot of horror in my teen years, so this graphic novel shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading my track history of novels right now. When the movie adaptation came out, I was … I was very reluctant to watch for good reasons. Nothing will ever massacre your brain like a good horror novel done in a fantastically horrific way as this comic did. While the book is easily obtainable through ebooks now, back in the day going to Borders, Barnes & Noble, and comic book stores.


The book is psychologically more terrifying for me, as it it also is heart wrenching in certain aspects. Depending on which movie version you watched, you’ll have to make your own assumptions and thoughts about the characters and how they’re portrayed. However the book is indeed the better out of all the adaptations and it can be numbing, as we look into the depths of obsession and also… loss of innocence. I feel that this book wasn’t that kind of terrifying that makes you stay up at night because you think a vampire is gonna jump out at you. No… This book makes you sit there at night and contemplate about the human mind versus a vampire’s need to live. It’s utterly mind boggling and you really just get lost in thought about the choices and actions made in the novel.


.。*゚+.*.。YA HORROR.。+..。*゚+



It has been awhile since I read this book, but I remember being so damn uncomfortable with it. This was a YA book recommended to me by a friend of mine in the otome gaming circle on Tumblr. She told me it was one of her favorite novels and that I had to read it, and I could honestly see why. Hate scary talking dolls like Chuckie and Annabelle? This is your book. I was already a working adult when I got a hold of this novel via ebook but the story itself is disturbing, making you consistently keep turning pages until the very end. I still hate dolls… This book made me hate them more. 



Who knew going out with the new guy would lead to deadly consequences? The New Boy by RL Stine is one of the books of my childhood that is hard to forget, especially with how the ending went. This book will keep you up and night and also make you second guess your relationships with people. I remember burning the midnight oil to finish because I was frightened for the people in here and the murders that were happening. So when I finally put the book down, I was truly questioning what exactly just happened and JFC you never really know people. 


‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾GRAY’S CORNER☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙


Teehee… This is just the books that I wouldn’t read at night and there’s going to be another segment to this, but it’ll be with games instead. These are books that I wouldn’t read at night, while I would probably re-read a few of them, most of them I will not ever again because they scared the living hell outta me. What are books that you won’t read after dark? Let me know! I’d love new recommendations! As always Otomelandia and VNtopians…

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Thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!

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