How This Works (Straight from the Aggronaut)

Since I apparently have a knack for over complicating things, the way this is going to work has changed a little bit after some discussion with the Blaugust community as a whole. Here is an attempt at a straight forward rundown of how the process is going to go, and here is also hoping that we manage to pull this off without someone getting confused along the way.

  • On the date specified above, a given content creator is going to share a prompt with the community.
    • The content of the post is in theory going to address that specific prompt.
    • Content creators have been assigned a prompt, but also have been given leverage to swap these out as they see fit.
      • Side note: Prompt bearers, please let me know if you plan on swapping topics so I can keep the master list updated. Any topics that are getting swapped out are listed down below as “spares”.
  • Near the bottom of a days post, the content creator will share the name and site link for the next content creator in sequence. This will lead the community to where they can find the next days prompt.
  • Everyone “playing along at home” should receive thirty one days worth of fresh prompts to pick and choose which ones they wish to create content based on.
  • The process should also shine the light on the various prompt bearers sites and hopefully drive traffic to them for participating.
  • When a prompt based topic is shared, please use the Hashtag #Blaugust2020 in order to increase visibility and allow folks to find them easily.


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This prompt is from BJ Keeton aka GeektoGeekMedia:

What is your greatest fear, and how does it impact the type of content you create or consume?

What is your greatest fear?

There are plenty of fears I have, one of them is being cancelled as a human being for an opinion that just happens to be my opinion and not law. I understand disagreements, I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but what I don’t understand is when I’m completely cancelled for a certain stance on situations. It also links to the parasocial relationships that fellow blogger, Belghast spoke about, where we know the online persona of someone but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we see each other as friends.

Then the other stand point is that what if you both do mutually believe in your friendship, however, once a subject of controversy is sparked and both parties disagree on the action, you suddenly find this person a foul human being for not being agreeable to one certain subject. When they have proven to be loyal and honest to many other issues that are controversial in today’s society.

Yes, Cancel Culture is a big issue that I fear, as I’ve seen many friends who just get shut down for their opinions on an issue. I believe that we can agree to disagree on certain issues, and still have a better discourse about it with both parties providing their own facts and knowledge on the subject. What I don’t believe in is cancelling someone outright due to their opinions if they don’t happen to fit an individual’s personal standards.

Now then, how does this impact the content I consume or create?

It effects a lot with how I write and voice my opinions, with constructing the way I state things to remain on neutral ground. While yes, my blog will have my own opinions, if you read a few of them, I don’t go into extreme detail. A lot of the representations on certain characters are glossed over to a bare minimum because I’ve seen the power of those who will want nothing but to destroy your existence on just taking a particular opinion that differs from the main crowd.

Also, when I take a particular stance I try to understand the other side of things and find content to consume on that area to get a grasp to see if there’s a way to find some equal ground. However, that won’t always be the case, as there will always be some areas that may stand to be at a place to ‘agree to disagree.’

Gray’s Opinion

This prompt is from The Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken

How did you get the name that you regularly go by online, and what if anything does it mean?

I go by Gray, and to be honest, I wish it didn’t originate from Christian Gray from Fifty Shades of Gray, but it did. I got the name due to an event that occurred on my past life at Tumblr and the name stuck because of said event. Not only that, because of the fanfiction I wrote tended to walk along the path of BDSM and alpha male/female love interests, the name was further branded.


While my name has its origins in Fifty Shades, it now represents something else to me as well. Gray being a neutral color between the light and the dark, neither good or evil, just the balance of all things. As I believe that you are neither good or evil, and that there is only gray areas, and you are the soul driver of your decisions and actions, no one else dictates your fate unless you allow them to.

It possibly is funny to believe that is what I think when you look at how pink my blog is at this current time, and that I am a spiritual person who has tarot and oracle decks. However, that’s a blog for another place and time.

So that’s the origin of my name and the blog’s name, and also why I ended up keeping the name even when it first came from a fictional character’s surname.



With August slowly coming to an end, and the days getting less humid and hot, I feel blogs with these kinds of topics being presented are a good detour from our daily tasks. I enjoy the topics brought up from the Blaugust2020 crew as we keep marching forward to the end of August and talk about our own opinions and ideas. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, click on the links above and post!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side!

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