Games That I’m Looking Forward Two

Hey everyone, Gray here, and in this blog, I’m going to be chatting a bit about some game trailers I saw during my small vacation from this creative space. Sadly, many were mostly re-runs of games I had previously seen on other shows… However, there were a few new ones that caught my attention, and some of them are even available right now (but my wallet is crying, and I have no money LMAO).

For most who already know a bit about me, my tastes focus from visual novels, survival games, and horror induced type genres. I was pleasantly surprised by some trailers that were presented from the Gamescon and of course, I was definitely surprised by one game I never was fond of, but due to a certain game character that has been added into the mix–I will be purchasing the game.

Grab your ammo, flashlights, and maybe some wolfsbane because we are about to jump into some games that howl and bleed. Let’s go team~!

Werewolf of the Apocalypse: Heart of the Forest is a game that is set to release in the ending part of this year, and I was surprised as hell to see this. I didn’t even know there was even a demo (which I promptly got and will be putting out a review on later), however, anything with werewolves is my jam (including vamps). Seeing this has been a dream come true and not only that it has similar elements visual novels, at least from my perspective. The reason I say this is because the game page quotes :

By making tough choices that often bring dramatic consequences, you will affect your character attributes: Rage, Willpower, and Health. This impacts your ability to perform certain actions as well as change the range of available choices and the presentation of the world.


Also, the way you answer creates what kind of werewolf you become, and I feel that’s actually f**king amazing. I can’t wait for the full game release, and I’m already digging the artwork for it!

Deathground. I’ve talked about this game in previous blogs, but I’m gonna talk about it again because I need this game right now. It’s basically Alien: Isolation with dinosaurs. The atmospheric horror induced game of survival tickles my fancy, and I like the fact that you can do a solo run (which is harder from my understanding) or work in a team to get things done quickly, but team work also means communicating accordingly and properly to safely get what you need.

I’ve wish listed this already and I grab at any new game developments or game plays whenever it is presented because I need!!!

Song of Horror is already available to play and I had never heard of it until the Gamescon, and I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t heard of it. With the game implementing psychological horror, poltergeist-like entities, and jump scares , this is my jam. I also like the idea that you can play the story with several different characters, while the game has been out for quite some time it’ll be ported to PS4 and XBOX ONE and release in October for those consoles. I, however, have to save my money and buy it for my computer (wallet is crying and my game library keeps growing XD).

I don’t usually like FPS games, but as soon as I heard Sci-Fi atmospheric horror, I jumped onto it so quick and it sincerely reminds me of Deadspace, DOOM, and Alien: Isolation combined. It’s already nerve wrecking to watch the game play of this character going in and shooting these zombie looking motherf**kers LMAO. While the creatures either move slow or somewhat fast, the fact is when things go dark it gets more terrifying to focus and shoot the enemies. Also that big hunk of whatever-the-frick-gray-blocks-of-gravitational-doom is pretty gnarly, and you get to shoot with a machine gun (KUDOS TO GAME DEVS!). Quantum Error makes me realize I have to save my money and buy a PS5 to play this game.

I’ve been a huge Batman fan for years, and to be honest I was more than ecstatic to see this game presented, and that Red Hood will be someone available to play, once again. I do not believe Bruce Wayne is dead, obviously, we all don’t, but to see all the Bat family come together–F**K YEA!!!!! I am super interesting to play all the characters, but mostly Red Hood, as we know he’s an anti-hero and he has used kill shots. However, it seems in this game, he has reverted back to non-lethal measures, but still–Jason Todd is one hell of a badass, and I’m stoked AF.

One of the new and craziest things I heard from the game developer site was that as you progress, whether you’re level 5 or level 50, the villains adapt to other techniques and styles to combat you at those levels. >__>

With the same vibe and action thrills I got from Batman Arkham series, this game screams horror as well–That ending with the fact we may have some kind of zombie-like apocalypse about to happen. I’m seriously going to have to upgrade my graphics card for this, and luckily NVIDIA just stated their newest card is less than $400.

Now, the oddball of the entire group, as I’ve played Black Ops before, and I hardly like playing FPS games but when they showed President Reagan, I was glued to the screen. If President Reagan wants me to go on a mission to save America, then hell to the fuck yea I’m gonna go. They’ve really done well with upgrading the graphics, and while I’ve never been a fan of the multiplayer, I do like the story lines if they seem well written.

If President Reagan wants me to go on a mission to save America, then hell to the fuck yea I’m gonna go.

Gray’s Opinion

I will just keep saying this though, I was planning to turn block out the entire COD Black Ops commercial until I heard Reagan’s voice and he asked us to go on a mission. I was just like

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ GRAY’S CORNER  。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Honorable mention would be the Resident Evil VIII: Village, but we’ve probably discussed that in a previous blog entry. I have high hopes for these games, and I know there is always that possibility that the games will suck and cause me to bemoan them. However, I am intrigued, ready, and craving to see new content and information about their development every step of the way. Are there any games you saw during the Gamescon and Ubisoft Stream that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments section below!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!

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