Tales from the Nook: Let’s NOT Meet


As we roll into August, the dark and horror gamer part of myself starts to peek out from the shadows. Peering out to see if it’s her time to parade around the blog and other social media outlets to speak about dark fairytales, creepy characters, terrifying novels, and nightmare fuel games. Welcome to the side of Gray’s Otome and Visual Novel Corner that focuses on both VN and Cozy Nook aspects of Gray’s Otome & VN Corner.

Where suspense, thrillers, and horror games take over. While some otome games meet the creepy aspect of the horror criteria, it’s rare… depending on what game you’ve gotten into your hands. Before we proceeded, I’d like to say thanks to Kelly from Another Book in the Wall Blog for making these Halloween themed prompts!



Reader beware, these visual novels aren’t for those who want romance flair, these are for those who dare to face their darkest nightmares.  






‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ TOPIC ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ Villains You Wouldn’t ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ

-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ Want To Meet IRL ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ


I believe this topic speaks for itself, as there isn’t many villains out there that I’d like to meet or even interview if I was given an opportunity. Whether I’ve met these evildoers in games or read them in  media, there are plenty of insane individuals in fictionalized in media today that make an alligator look like the best friend you never had. In today’s Tales from the Nook, I talk about the sinister villains I would never want to meet ever again, or be of acquaintance with in the actual world.

Grab only your cell phone and keep everything else in a locker as we dive into the dark dwellings of Arkham Asylum and other fictional universes, as we meet and greet with some of the most notorious villains who have made themselves a household name in the human world.


.。*゚+.*.。Eddie Gluskin from Outlast.。+..。*゚+



Anyone who is familiar with the Outlast series probably can recognize the mug of this insane character known as Eddie Gluskin from the Whistle-blower segment of Outlast. Whoever created this character was out of their ever-loving mind as Eddie is not just deranged he’s beyond redemption or sympathy. This crazed lunatic and his warped mind of looking for the perfect someone, and that he doesn’t want to die alone in suffering. My stomach churns at what the main protagonist goes through as he tries to escape from Eddie and the other monstrosities that lurk within the hospital.

I can still feel my skin crawling at remembering all the screams and panic induced moments of trying to escape this crazy motherf**ker.



.。*゚+.*.。Ukyo from Amnesia.。+..。*゚+



Regardless whether you see Ukyo as villain, friend, or husbando material; I see him as someone I really cannot or want to befriend or be around. He has good manners, and he can probably considered a fluffy little cutesy patootie to some… However he has a fatal flaw which makes me want him nowhere near me. Child is a complex mixture of Yanderes combined, and I can handle only a few certain types.

When a DV-Gata type appears in my field of Yanderes, this is the type I steer away from as much as possible or try to speed my way through the route. Ukyo plays to the effect of someone who is adorable, sweet, and endearing to his lover at first glance but when his other side comes out… Lethal violence ensues and many other catastrophes. To each their own, and I rather stay with Toma (the normal type of Yandere) then be around Ukyo since he’s more about harming me versus protecting me.



.。*゚+.*.。Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.。+..。*゚+



This dude deserved all the obliteration and unholy annihilation in Resident Evil 5, like, what even is this asshole? Sacrificing his team for failed experiments, slaughtering innocent people, and then using towns for his demented studies. He deserved to die, and I swear he was one hell of a villain and mastermind, and I wouldn’t ever want to meet him in real life. Obviously, I’m not genetically mutated as a super soldier so I wouldn’t even stand a chance against him but JFC… He got what he deserved–I wish there was more to his suffering but I will live with the ending he got.


Albert is foul and I am only a little happy that his son kinda came out alright, even though he was more like a anti-hero, which is alright with me.


.。*゚+.*.。The Joker from Batman Arkham Series.。+..。*゚+



This demented psychopath is prolific and is a household name of his own, his sinister laugh and his innate need to be the shadow that lurks behind Batman… It takes a lot of integrity to be this evil, and JFC he was one hell of a foe to face off against in all the games. I’ve been a Batman fan for years, and while Joker is an all time villain of mega proportions, I wouldn’t want to meet him, ever. Not even to shake his hand or even say hello, just, absolutely not–not even with a ten foot pole.


His character is so unstable in trying to even understand, and his obsession with Batman is like a Yandere and it’s pretty terrifying. The crazy, demented, and down-right sickening ideas and plans this villain has crafted over the years until his supposed demise has left a prominent stain upon the encyclopedia of evil doers of the world. One thing is for sure, he may have died in the series (for now), but his laughter still haunts us from beyond the graves.


.。*゚+.*.。Hannibal Lecter.。+..。*゚+



Can we give Anthony Hopkins and standing ovation for portraying one of the most horrific and terrifying villains of all time? The book series gave the personality, unraveled the vicious mindset of this man, but it also portrayed a character unspeakable evil that when he does something out of character–it’s that terrifying. Hannibal Lecter is a charismatic, intelligent, and suave villain who just also happens to be a cannibal, and if you didn’t really know the man’s rap sheet… You’d probably never suspect him of his evil appetite.

giphy (94)

A lot of the things he’s done, I cannot even… There’s not even much for me to describe except that he’s terrifying and I would really appreciate never meeting him.


‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾GRAY’S CORNER☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙


These guys are my top villains that I’d give a ‘Let’s Not Meet’ invitation in a heart beat to. While I can say I would be interested in viewing these people from a very far distance, you won’t catch me chilling with them any time soon. What are some game characters you wouldn’t ever want to meet? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!

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