Visual Novel News: New or Updated Indie Games!

Hello Otomelandians and VNtopians, and welcome to a Visual Novel News blog post, where I present games that have come onto my radar that are new, updated, and games that have already come out, but they have additional content releases coming soon. I’m always trying to find the latest visual novel game content and news, and I felt, why not make this a weekly thing on my blog?

I’ll do my best to inform everyone about all types of visual novel media, from indie to MSM in these posts! Now, without further ado, in today’s blog we have a wide array of games to present, I do hope that you check out these games and give the demos a try. Let’s get into it:


A kinetic visual novel that combines fantasy and romance, while unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization.

Learn about the people who inhabit this town as they grow to overcome emotional struggles in their respective routes!

This story is about a gondolier boy who gives part-time tours to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. 

However, he’s forced to work under another identity after failing to live up to everyone’s expectations in the past. As he lives out his double life, he meets others who are willing to help out, but they might also be carrying secrets of their own.


  • 35+ CGs and 40 BGs with multiple variations
  • 20+ original soundtracks, including an opening theme song
  • 20+ characters with partial voice acting
  • Roughly 200,000 words that cover a common route, four character routes, and an unlockable ending

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Language: English

Resolution: 1280 x 720 px

Follow Us: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube |Discord

Check Out the Game Here!

« Magic is a gift, given to only a few chosen ones in the world. Be it the heir of a rich family or the offspring of the least good for nothing, every son able to use magic is promised to a great future. If he’s prone to use his gift for the kingdom, his name will be known in Arcan’s History, bringing honor and glory even to his first ancestors. »

After hearing these quite sententious words, Rave left his comfortable town to become a great Mage. New to the Academy, which exists to teach the magic elite, the young man came to learn, to become « someone », to make his family proud. Improving himself and avoiding being scolded by his teachers should have been his only concerns for the next three years. Should have. Unluckily, Rave happens to be in a bad place, at the worst time.

From the student sleeping in the bed next to his to the guard watching over him, everyone is tense in the school. Something is coming, something that will most likely change their whole world, and everyone has a part to play.

Rave will have to discover what’s going on, choose who to side with… and who to stand against.

  • The demo is ~36k words
  • 15 backgrounds and 9 CGs 

About full game, it will be much longer.

  • At least 500k words
  • Full game will have 5 routes
  • Multiple endings (5 bad, 5 neutral, 5 good and a true ending)
  • 120+ CGs
  • 40+ unique backgrounds
  • A Journal updated with the main character’s knowledge

Follow us on our social medias! 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Discord FR | Discord EN

Tomorrow Will Be Dying is a relaxing, story-driven visual novel about finding yourself through your connections with other people.


B was popular among her class-mates in high school, often surrounded by people that were drawn to her prince-like demeanor. She was practically the opposite of what others thought her to be, being a dead-pan introvert that spends her days collecting and raising bugs, but she hid away her true self in fear of being isolated. She found safety in the occult club alongside AC and N, who all had strange interests of their own. However, by the end of their senior year, both A and N disappeared without a trace.

Now B is a nineteen year-old entomology student pursuing her passions at Mokuzai University. She and C have gotten used to their daily life-styles with only each other around, but their paths only truly start to set in motion when A and N unexpectedly crash back into their lives.

Follow along B’s story as she reconnects with old friends, makes new ones, and overcomes the traumas of her past.

*Everything shown in the demo is subject to change as progress is made on the game

Extended Demo Features

*Available for PC and Mac!

  • Approximately 60-90 minutes of gameplay (6 in-game days)
  • 100+ Mini-Panel CGs, 40+ Full CGs 
  • 18 BGs (2 are wips)
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Welcome to Frank’s Hollow, a cosy yet isolated town set somewhere in the mountains of 1980’s America.

You’ll join your friends and fellow students at Rollings Highschool to finish off your final week of senior year.

But as the week goes by….things get….strange.

Will you and your motley crew of high-schoolers be able to figure out the towns secrets….before graduation?


The demo is in early WIP stages, everything is subject to changes.

Versions available for Windows, Mac and Android

Check Out the Game Here!

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As the 31st Chosen One of Anoldor, rule over your country, negotiate with gods, tame magick and forge the destiny of your people as much as your own. Having so many lives to protect and guide during this time of political chaos is a heavy burden, but you don’t have to carry it alone. You may rely on your friends and true love, as long you don’t mistake your enemies for your allies…

– Personalise your MC (Name, color skin, 2 possible backgrounds, a lot of behavior choices. At the end of the game, you will receive a title with 10 possibilities according to the way you ruled.)

– 6 possible romances (5 men including the main “villain” of the game, 1 woman).  Each romance have an unique storyline.

– Choose the politic of your country for an unique epilogue ( You will have to make a lot of choice during the game. There are about 10 factors that are considered for the ending, depending on a number of combined choices, with 3 to 5 possibilities. We’ll let you do the maths.)

– Encyclopaedia to go more in depth of the universe

– Full game will be available in french, and in english for FREE. (We will release each route one by one, the first one to be release is Edwyn.)

– A small (aproximately 30min) demo, is now available. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on it ! 

Check Out the Game Here!

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A story set in a city inhabited only by machines!

You play as Zeta, a robot who activates one day with human memories!

That being said, nobody else remembers the humans!

In search of that forgotten past, Zeta finds companions willing to help him out with certain conditions.

Alpha, the King of the City, stands as the only one hindering your search for truth!

Pressing on, a fierce rebellion begins. 

Check Out the Game Here!

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Ertal Games                  Patreon                 Twitter                        Facebook

Deep in the Forest is a BL /Yaoi Visual Novel set in a medieval-like fantasy world.

Jan has been unlucky in his search for work so far, but now he has a great chance: he only needs to win the trust of his uncle and then gets to inherit his apothecary shop!

Learning the ropes seems easy, but… what are those rumors about strange sightings in the forest? 

Planned features for the full game:

  • Around 60k words of light-hearted romance and fantastic adventures!
  • One route, seven love interests: choose who you want to be Jan’s adventure partner.
  • Some (easy) mini-games.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux and Android builds.

Demo features:

  • 8.7k words.
  • Meeting the first 4 love interests.
  • 1 mini-game.
  • 1 CG.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux builds.
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Return to Las Vegas with Amber and Marina in this new Highway Blossoms story! A couple months after the events of the first game, the two girls return to the desert city for an alien-themed convention and to see Tess for her birthday. They also end up reuniting with Cassi, the candy shop girl, who’s determined to start following her own dreams.

  • Brand new story and scenario with multiple viewpoints. Some sections follow Amber and Marina, while some sections follow Tess. Additionally, there are certain parts where you can choose to read from Amber or Marina’s point of view.
  • New character expressions and outfits, as well as gorgeous new CG’s and item cut-ins
  • Full voice acting featuring all the original cast
  • Several new musical tracks from a variety of composers
  • Cassi

Coming out on September 25th – stay tuned!

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Cheerful slacker Olive thought that taking an outdoor ed. class during her final year of high school would be an easy credit, but the year-end camping trip turns out to be a lot more than she bargained for. When an argument with another classmate spurs the hot-tempered Sage to run off alone into the woods, Olive follows her, hoping to lift her spirits and make sure she’s safe.

But the bubbly and energetic Heather has the same idea, and tensions between her and Sage threaten to turn the trip into even more of a disaster than it is already. Olive just wants her classmates to get along, but they seem to disagree on everything—and to make things even worse, they’ve lost track of how to get back to their campsite! Follow three stressed-out teens on a journey full of bickering, mosquitoes, and self-discovery.

Take A Hike! takes approximately 30-45 minutes to read, and includes audio captioning and adjustable textbox opacity for accessibility (available in the preferences menu). It also contains some strong language, brief references to drug use, mildly sexist remarks, and characters generally being grumpy and rude to each other a lot.

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“How To Be 행복해”, better known as “The Felix Game“, is a video game about Stray Kids, made by STAY, for STAY.

About the game:
The Felix Game is a choice based game that focuses on a collecting mechanic. In the game, the player plays the role of Lee Felix who gradually discovers more about Stray Kids and its members by making the right (or wrong) choices. By progressing through the game, Felix gets the chance to collect memories with the members in the form of polaroids and notes, which again teach the player about the journey of the group.

We made this game as a gift for Felix, Stray Kids and STAY.  The game will be released in multiple chapters, of which you can download the first here! 

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**This visual novel contains adult content. You must be 18 or older to play**

**This game’s default language is Traditional Chinese, but it can be switched to English in the Main menu screen, which is just after opening the game**

【Recent update】

Demo is just released. Further official updates will be announced on our Twitter (Roar Howl Night Studio) first.

We also opened a Patreon page for anyone who wants to support this project. They will have Patreon-only updates as well as internal testing rights depends on their pledged tiers.  Kindly refer to our Patreon’s Q&A session for more detailed information.

【About this visual novel】

Disguise》is an adult gay furry visual novel set in modern age.
The story starts with a middle-aged black panther, down to his seemingly successful life, and how he lives behind it all, away from the prying eyes.

After his busy work settled down along with the sunset, a lingering need always starts growing within him during the lonely nights.
Perhaps everyone is living under a disguise. This game brings to you every aspects of a certain man, but can you tell which part of him is the disguise?

【Demo Survey】

For those who have played this demo, we would like to invite you to fill in the demo survey to give us your feedback. We would improve it in the completed version of the game.

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I do plan on trying out these games, which will also mean I’m going to backlogged into my next several reincarnations onto this earth. From games stemming from the slice of life to the thriller genre, these games are sure to entertain all types of game players a like. I do hope that these indie games have piqued your interest, and I recommend giving these games a try and formulating your own opinions. Also, if you like or love what you see with these games, let the creators know and donate to them if you can. If you like the content of this blog, give it a thumbs up, and if I’ve missed any other games that have come out this week, please let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side!

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