VisUal Novel News #4 (It’s HALLOWEEN in The Newsroom!)

Hello Otomelandians and VNtopians, and welcome to a Visual Novel News blog post, where I present games that have come onto my radar that are new, updated, or are games that have already come out, but they have additional content releases coming soon. I’m always trying to find the latest visual novel game content and news, and decided I would share the news I find with everyone who visits my blog as well!

I’ll do my best to inform everyone about all types of visual novel media, from indie to MSM in these posts! Now, without further ado, in today’s blog we have a wide array of games to present, I do hope that you check out these games and give the demos a try.


This game releases October 27!

Read my previous review on this game demo!

The small mining town of Bataille, Missouri has been cordoned off from the outside world for six months. The inhabitants have no idea why. All they know is that ever since the so-called “Contingency,” planes no longer fly overhead, strange creatures have been glimpsed beyond the perimeter, and large mechanical towers will gun down anyone who tries to escape. As you–Sheriff Erika Wright–search for the truth, you must listen to the advice of a serial killer, mingle with extreme conspiracy theorists, and negotiate with vampires.

Your struggle to protect the people of Bataille will uncover startling secrets and forge unlikely alliances. Eventually, you must choose a partner in your quest to unveil the mysteries around you.

Amidst the horrors facing Bataille, romance can blossom with the partner in whom you trust. This epic story contains four distinct story branches with Julian, Maddy, Liam, or August. Each branch reveals unique secrets about the mysteries of the towers and a chance to find love.

  • Choose your partner to investigate Bataille and forge a romantic bond
  • Hear select scenes with a rich cast of English voice actors
  • Experience the environment of Bataille in 3D
  • Explore select 3D interiors
  • Unlock unique secrets and adventures in four distinct story branches
  • Listen to a lengthy, dynamic soundtrack by developer and composer Jenny Gibbons
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Releasing October 13th!

Rage Gets Things Done

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest throws you deep into a primeval wilderness in the center of modern Europe. It’s where the protectors of nature wage their ancient, neverending war against the forces of destruction.

You play as Maia, who comes to Poland hoping to trace her family roots. Trying to learn more about her ancestry, she will discover her family’s dark secrets and reveal hidden truths about the last wilderness of Central Europe.

Visit real-world places of mystery and power. Explore local legends and traditions. Discover the fascinating world and history of the Polish-Belarusian borderlands. You will witness how nature clashes with technology and greed. Can it survive without our help?

Discover the Legendary RPG System

For the first time ever, you will be able to experience Werewolf: The Apocalypse on your computer.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest adapts the mechanics of the legendary title from the World of Darkness universe, emulating the experience of a classic role-playing session.

  • An immersive narrative that can measure up to the best mystery novels.
  • Beautiful, distinctive collage art that combines hand-illustrated characters with pictures of real places to inspire your imagination.

By making tough choices that often bring dramatic consequences, you will affect your character attributes: Rage, Willpower, and Health. This impacts your ability to perform certain actions as well as change the range of available choices and the presentation of the world. The game will analyze your behavior and determine what kind of werewolf you are.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is a beautifully written, deep, and balanced experience. It’s tailored for World of Darkness veterans and newcomers looking for an accessible entry into this rich, acclaimed universe.

They teach you to fear rather than to be angry, but fear solves nothing.
Anger is there for a reason, to shield and protect you.
Anger is the part of you that cares.

Rage gets things done.

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One day, a young chef Raylan and his mentor went together to the mountains to gather ingredients. Little did they know that they would encounter a heavy thunderstorm, and a hostile scouting party. In order to escape pursuit by the enemy, Raylan ran for his life in the mountain forest. Soon afterwards, lightning started a fire around an area, and he stumbled upon a large hole in a tree. Inside, he encountered a mysterious girl in a deep sleep who resembled Sleeping Beauty, but before he could wake her up to find out what happened to her, everything turned black for some reason…

◆ Many branching paths with more than ten endings for players to discover
◆ Simple and intuitive plot branching system, where the story progresses differently depending on the choices made
◆ Uses Live2D artwork sprites to bring an immersive lifelike experience
◆ High-definition exquisite original background scenes and CGs
◆ Original theme song and BGM by well known producers project lights and SakuraGame
◆ Full voice acting for the main heroine
◆ Multiple languages supported

Raylan Monroe:
A young chef. When he was small, he followed his mentor who is renowned chef Mr. Cook to start a business in the new continent after crossing the ocean. He had always helped out as an assistant chef at Mr. Cook’s restaurant. If he hadn’t bumped into Yella who called herself a vampire in that stormy weather, he might have continued to lead a simple life…
——「Never mind. As long as one can survive, there is always a way.」

Yella Lester: (CV 佐倉杏)
A vampire who has lived for so long she can’t even remember her age. She came to the new continent in a ship filled with settlers when the new continent was first discovered. She claimed to have accumulated countless wealth, and even possessed supernatural powers far beyond the capacities of any ordinary human. As long as she had Raylan to accompany her, this new world would certainly be an interesting experience for her even though three hundred years have passed…
——「I’m well prepared for all eventualities. Now that I have you, we shouldn’t have any major problems.」

English subtitles by woosk from Visual novel, JRPG, Anime and partner website Sinical Network.

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A visual novel about a man experiencing his family relationships through a state of compressed time.
In Throw Me in the River, each scene takes place 20 years apart and examines the state of Joseph’s life in Canada at that time through conversations he has with his various family members.

Key Features:

  • A captivating story about personal family relationships and regrets with a sci fi twist
  • High resolution art with detailed, expressive characters and a cinematic flair
  • Choices that shape who the characters are and how they are regarded in the world of the game
  • Galleries containing developer commentary on each scene giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of an indie game
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IxShe Tell is a Japanese-style visual novel produced by Hooksoft, a Japanese developer of romance VNs.
It was a runner-up for the 2018 Moe Game Awards.


The developers describe the content like this:

Adult content includes a few illustrations with mild nudity, characters in swimsuits, kissing, and dialogue that contains sexual jokes and implications.
Characters enter a sexual relationship that is not shown on screen, but acts of which are brought up in conversation.
Also, every appearing character is over 18 years old.

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The hero of this novel is having strange dreams. They seem to be so real that they look like pieces of another life of some kind. He also is writing his own novel and dreams about publishing it someday. But meeting this mysterious girl has changed everything. The hero will have to tear through the plot intricacies, find his love and make a hard and inconclusive choice, having the toughest victory – victory over himself.

  • An exciting and atmospheric story
  • Beautiful author’s music
  • 25 Colorful backgrounds
  • 12 Amazing arts
  • 4 Main endings
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Our Secret Below Returns to Itch

I’m so happy to be uploading Our Secret Below to Itch again! Due to storage space issues, I was unable to have the full game build available here but the wonderful team at itch has granted more storage space for this title!

To celebrate OSB’s return to itch and Halloween, I am placing Our Secret Below on sale for $9.89!

I hope you have a great time with it and be sure to check out my other games along with Kohate launching October 15th!


Get Our Secret Below

Buy Now

On Sale!
34% Off

$14.99 $9.89 USD or more

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Ever wondered what the side characters get up to in a BL story?

Here’s your chance to find out. 

When a transfer student arrives, Peter recognises the face of his former childhood friend, Danny. Danny brings back painful memories of the past, memories Peter would rather forget, but Danny seems to have other plans. 

No, you don’t play as Peter in this game. You don’t even play as Danny.  Instead, you play as Peter’s friend, Jodeci.
Will you help Peter face his past trauma, or stop Danny from getting too close to hurt Peter again? The choice is yours.


– Approx. 9k words (Yes, it is a short game)
– Changeable name for Jodeci
– Four endings
– Wholesome relationships
– Partial voice acting
– Aussie Rules Football!!!!!
– Really bad jokes 
– More em dashes than I care to admit
– Rated 13+ with some swearing, no explicit sexual images or audio

This is my first game to include voice acting! I apologise if the balancing isn’t quite right, and I will continue to learn how to edit audio files to improve. 

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Black Heaven:
A Necromantic Dating Sim

In Black Heaven, you’re a former scholar and one of the last survivors of a plague that’s destroyed the world you used to know. 

After nearly succumbing to the disease, your life is saved by a mysterious necromancer named No-Eyes, who offers you the chance to escape death forever and relive your past. All he asks are the souls of your former classmates:

  • Ru, your shy but brilliant tutor
  • Lyse, the fiery, sharp-witted debutante 
  • Izagi, the idealistic and stoic martial artist

As you return to the ruined academy where you spent your happiest days, you’re haunted by the pleasant memories of your old friends, and the line between memory and madness becomes dangerously blurred.

Read the First New Chapter for Free!

As mentioned in our last update, we’re releasing new monthly chapters that continue the story of Black Heaven! If you’ve been dying to know more about the game’s grinning necromantic antagonist, now’s your chance!

The chapter released today introduces one of the key game mechanics and ends with the protagonist making a fateful deal with No-Eyes, the mysterious necromancer who was last seen stealing their organs…

Let us know what you think in the comments! We’d love to hear your feedback.

The next new chapter should be roughly 30 minutes long and feature more scenes with Ru, Izagi, and Lyse, so stay tuned!

If you don’t already, follow the game on and the Occult Triangle Lab @TriangleLab!

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Devlog 02 + Revamped Demo

Hello everyone! This October, we’re back with some big announcements!

Remastered demo!

Valentyne Stories Necromancy’s demo finally got an update! The previous one was getting old, after all! Wanini and Nyanshua gave it the polish it needed to make it match with the rest of the story!

Among the new features, you will find:

  • New interface
  • The option to change the font size <- one of your suggestions
  • The OpenDyslexic option for dyslexic players
  • The “sensitive soul” option, which allows you to blur the morbid scenes in the game
  • An “extra” menu that will allow you to access the demo’s background music
  • Revamped sprites
  • Entirely new illustrations (e.g. the three bedrooms)
  • The professional English translation that we couldn’t offer you before the Kickstarter campaign!

This is perhaps the most important part of the new demo: English speakers will now be able to experience the game with a new translation that’s more accurate to the original and is also nicer to read.

Regarding the sprites, a sample is worth a thousand words, so here’s the modifications that were made to Ilyes’.

Much closer to his full-bodied design!

We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all of these changes (especially the translation!!), so don’t be afraid to let us know what you think! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our supporters!

Online store

>>> Access to the store <<<

And in order to thank all the people who pre-ordered the game, all the 35€ and higher pledges will be granted a 20% discount code on their first purchase. However, please be informed that this discount code will only be available until November 5th! You have to message us on Kickstarter to redeem your coupon code.

Some of our products are available as pre-orders and some are in limited quantities. In case you missed the Kickstarter campaign or couldn’t buy an add-on that caught your attention, now’s the chance! However, we’re going to warn you once again: the hoodie won’t be reprinted after the pre-orders end! This is your last chance to get it! (Pre-orders will be closed on November 5th as well)


For October, Wanini is going to have some surprises in store on her social media. Follow her for exclusive illustrations of the game’s characters on:




(And wish her good luck. The challenge is very daunting!!)

With all of that said, see you next time!

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The Witch in the Forest is about a young woman who lives in the forest and is mystified by all things magical and natural. One day, however, she meets another young woman living deep in the forest- a real witch!

 Twitter ♥  Discord Server  ♥  Instagram

The Witch in the Forest (TWITF) is centered around Fidelia, a somewhat introverted and socially awkward girl who stumbles upon Jastiline’s house one day and befriends her. It’s a short, 12,000+ word NVL/ADV-style kinetic novel about their lives as they prepare for their favorite holiday, Halloween! This visual novel was made in about 20 days for the Yuri Game Jam 2017.

Art, Writing, and Programming:




Background Photos:


Sound Effects:

SoundImage and FreeSound

Thank you to my beta testers and everyone else who helped me whether it was advice, tips, or whatnot!

Last Major Update Released!

The final major update for The Witch in the Forest is now here! This last update overhauls the GUI, features a new ending CG, and has additional small improvements. The artbook has also been graphically redone and features some new art, so if you previously purchased it, download the new version (and thank you for supporting us)!

If you enjoyed the game, consider joining our Discord or signing up for our newsletter to receive updates first on our upcoming games!

It’s been a hectic but great 3 years since The Witch in the Forest originally released. So last but not least… thank you for being here with us for it!

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Your stepmom has given you an ultimatum; you must find a girlfriend and move out of her house within 30 days, or else face the consequences!

Your potential love interests include Mari, a babysitter and college student hired by your stepmom; Shawna, your domineering, no-nonsense boss; and Alexis, a personal trainer from your local gym. All three women have their own ideas about what to do with you and dating is the last thing on their minds …

Your New Life is a dating simulator. We wanted to make a dating sim featuring the kind of adult content we liked to see and create, so Your New Life is all about female domination and different fetishes. It features:

  • 21 high quality CG images.
  • Amazing looking artwork throughout, from backgrounds to sexy-pin ups for each love interest.
  • 3 different dominant women, each with their own individual storylines and changing character models.
  • 4 endings.
  • 4 different outfits for you to unlock and wear. See how each love interest responds to you while you wear them!
  • Lots of humiliating dialogue.

All fetishes depicted are intended purely as fantasy and should not be taken seriously. This game contains frank sexual terminology and depictions of various fetishes, including forced infantilism, female domination, small penis humiliation, forced feminisation and petplay. Actions involving ejaculation are also written about openly. You’re welcome to play the game but please respect other people’s kinks and be aware of the game’s content if you object to these acts being featured.

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What if the monsters in the haunted house weren’t just wearing a costume…?

By accident, Dori stumbles across the monstrous secret behind popular haunted house, the Were|House – and then they get roped into working alongside the crew on Halloween night! 
A job’s a job, right? But will Dori make it through three days of hard work preparing for the big night – and will they grow closer to any of the monsters…?

    • ▷ Were|House is a comedic visual novel with dashes of romance!
    • ▷ Overall word count of just under 40,000 words! A single playthrough takes under two hours, and there are three routes to pursue: werewolf Cormac, kelpie Morag, and gorgon Esseth ♡
    • ▷ Our protagonist Dori is renameable, and you can choose from she, he, and they for pronouns!
    ▷ 6 spectacular unique CGs, and beautiful custom sprites!

▷ Free during all of October!

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“I know every nook and cranny of this place.”
“All you have to do is listen to my voice and do exactly as I say.”
“As long as you trust me, you’ll find your way around.”

Such are the words of the mysterious voice who talks to you through a radio.  It wants to guide your path as you traverse a dilapidated hospital in the middle of the night. Your objective: to reach Room 521, and meet the patient awaiting for you there.

But this is not an ordinary hospital: it is a place forgotten by the world, where people come to die. And you’re not the only living being lurking its halls. Will you reach Room 521 in one piece? Who is the mysterious voice guiding you through the radio? And can you really trust them?

Just remember: never turn the radio off.


“radio.Signal” is a horror-themed Visual Novel about traversing a hospital in the dark, guided only by the voice of a friend through a radio. Across the 5 floors that separate you from your goal, you’ll have a chance to explore, make good and bad calls, learn more about your past and the voice talking to you, and maybe encounter a being that is not of this world.

You are free to listen to the voice and follow their instructions. Just remember, when the time comes, that you can MUTE him and choose a different path.


  • Explore a decaying hospital in the middle of the night.
  • Meet and avoid horrors within its halls.
  • Make friends, or enemies, with a helpful companion across the radio.
  • Different choices with different results, some good and some bad.
  • A fully-voiced and narrated experience.
  • 7 endings:
    • 2 main endings.
    • 4 dead ends.
    • 1 surprise ending, unlocked after seeing them all
  • A  spoiler-free walkthrough has been added, in case anybody has trouble.
  • Averages 1 hour of length.
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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Once upon a time, a scarecrow stood on a farm. Her existence was a simple one, observing the people who lived there and scaring off the birds. Even when the people had gone and the farm was left barren, she had no wants or needs. How could she?

After countless years of not seeing another soul, a strange woman shows up and gives the scarecrow newfound life. The woman tells her that she has a task for her: grow some plants, and in exchange, she’ll free her from the farm. Fail, and she’ll go back to being a normal scarecrow.

Scarecrow tends to the plants as directed, unsure of what else to do, and spends her nights walking aimlessly. In time, she meets a kind lion and a mischievous rabbit that bring companionship to her empty days. Maybe this new situation isn’t so bad after all?

But the plants are growing a little too well, becoming a bit too lively… Scarecrow can only wonder what this feeling is inside of her that’s telling her to run.

  • 7 CGs total (4 Mini CGs)
  • 4 Endings
  • 16.2k Words
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Original, Dynamic Background Art
  • Voice Effects
  • Font Toggle
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< ‘ )))><

here fishy fishy f̵̥͘͠i̷̱͉͋͑s̵͙̈͘h̵͖̅y̶̜͘

You didn’t want to go to the aquarium. 

You don’t like aquariums. 

They freak you out.

But it’s Monica’s birthday, and everyone else is going, and besides – it’s all in your head. 


A story about friends, enemies, acceptance, and the monsters waiting for us in the deep blue void. 


  • 15-20 minute story
  • 583 unique hand drawn sea animals
  • original soundtrack
  • sharks
  • “sharks”
  • a hyperactive zoomer
  • sparkling water (flavors: cherry, grapefruit, citrus)
  • 4 unique  f̶͙͈͕̾ǐ̸̢͉̹͇̕ʎ𝐬𝓗 𝕄𝕆几𝐬T(˥ʎ ᙠe̶͕̰̥̹̊̐m̴̭̋̽̚̚Ѳψㄣ


**Please note that this game contains the following elements**

  • psychological horror related to feelings of anxiety
  • body horror for humans and animals
  • loud noises

This game does not contain jumpscares, but does feature visuals that some players may find disturbing. 

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Beyond Eden” spin-off “Beyond Eden: Dear Edward” is a Boys Love Raising Sim centered on Edward, the callow young aristocrat from the previous game. Follow Edward’s progress as he moves to London staggering under a pile of debt, strives to pay it off and surprisingly find love along the way.

Raise a naive young aristocrat

After racking up a huge amount of gambling debt, Edward seeks means to repay it while struggling to discover true love and what he wants to do with his life. But he has only one year to accomplish all this.
How he spends that precious time depends on you, the player.
Decide what Edward learns, who he spends time with, and thereby the course of his life.

Enjoy sweet, sweet romance

Edward can pursue romantic relationships with two characters. 

Alex Wake

The protagonist of “Beyond Eden”, Alex is a handsome businessman and popular socialite. Edward was smitten by him at first sight, but they remain mere acquaintances. The animosity between the Wakes and the Edenics is just one obstacle that he must overcome to win Alex’s heart. 

Francis Taylor 

Francis Taylor is a shy, gentle young man and Edward’s boarding school roommate. Unbeknownst to Edward, Francis had romantic feelings for him since they were boys. But to Edward, Francis was someone to avoid because he was involved in an incident that got Edward expelled. A rather unlucky young man prone to get entangled in undesirable circumstances, Edward can choose to continue ignoring Francis or offer help.

Limited features in the demo

– The demo consists of the prologue portion of the full version.
– The demo does not provide sexual contents. But, two links are found on the main menu that connect to full games with Adult-only content. (“Beyond Eden”, “Beyond Eden: Dear Edward”)

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A short story about a band, their junky, broken down van, an abandoned house, and a surprisingly lively dead dog.


  • Combined total of 25+ unique, hand-drawn BGs and CGs
  • Dozens of character expressions
  • Four (4) dumb musicians
  • A mushroom zombie
  • One very good (ghost) boy


Content warning for profanity, cartoon violence, bones and other mentions of death, loud noises, and kinda gross monsters.

Play Dead! is a visual novel created in a month for the Spooktober 2nd Annual Visual Novel Jam!

This is a kinetic novel, so there are no choices to make or alternate endings to unlock. Just sit back and enjoy the story.

This is also a horror/comedy story, and for the most part, isn’t all that much scarier than your average episode of Scooby-Doo. For the most part.

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A trio of young hearts take a break from the stresses of visual novel development with a Halloween party. However, things quickly get heated after some horror stories and… somehow you accidentally hex your childhood friend, Lilia!

Embark on a journey with brash and impatient Irma, to save Lilia before time runs out…

Will you be able to realize your true feelings and find love along the way?

  • Around 10,000 words
  • 5 possible endings, based on your choices
  • 4 CGs
  • Original art and High quality UI
  • Cute girls!
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Wings begin to emerge, breaking the cycle of feeling stagnant
Finally free, the butterfly sheds light on situations
That the caterpillar never considered, ending the internal struggle

Kendrick Lamar – Mortal Man

You’re a private taxi driver.
You receive reservations.
reach the pick-up point.
and then drive your clients toward their destination.

Tonight, you have to take a girl to a hotel.
But who is she?
Why is she going there?

**Warning: this game deals with strong themes not suitable for children.**


Asobi is a simpler take on our approach to Visual Novels.
Our aim was to develop a more focused and linear story
with the observational approach from Beyond Your Window,
and the theme of memories from Reverie.

Additionally, Asobi is inspired mainly by the movies of
Tsukamoto Shinya and Kon Satoshi,
and is dedicated to the latter in honour of the 10th anniversary of his death.

With this project we don’t intend to offend or hurt anyone.
Our only intention is to tell a story, and not give a moral lecture.

We truly hope you’ll like the simplicity
and all the feelings and ideas we wanted to convey
with this story.


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Pick up the pieces of a broken community through the power of Radio! Radio Town is a narrative adventure about a forgotten town in the wake of massive societal upheaval. Play as Khalid, a vagabond-turned-DJ trying to reboot the local community radio station and rebuild a lost community full of colorful characters and challenging story arcs.

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Balance of Power is a romance based visual novel, set at a University in a world where everybody has a ‘power’.

Uncover secrets and deal with magical mishaps alongside 7 pursuable characters, each with their own hardships to deal with.

What’s harder than trying to adapt to University life with none of your old friends to support you? Doing that exact thing at a University where everyone has their own individualized power, even if they are usually more mundane than ‘super’.

Join the protagonist as they settle into undergraduate life at ‘The University of Waterford’. Help them to meet new people, make new friends and solve problems both personal and magical in nature.

Maybe even find love?

P.S It seems like there’s a dangerous individual about. Make sure to stay safe.

  • Ability to play as any gender + choice of pronouns. 
  • 7 characters, available to romance or befriend.
  • Different story for each pair of characters. No need to re-read the same plot beats over and over.
  • Demo that’s 30k words long, with the full game expected to be over 100k.
  • A mix of comedy, drama, romance and terrible puns.
  • The chance to be a mafia boss?
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‘Bloom for me’ is about two young girls and their struggles to cope with the world around them.

This game does not contain any jumpscares.

Story, scripting, and UI by m.    (twitter)

Artwork by Azuremia.    (website)

Backgrounds by West of Entropy.   (twitter)   (itch)

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“Safira thought she had hit her lowest point after her “newfound” sister starts to create drama at school. But once she invites her aspiring friends to a slumber party she realizes that danger awaits her only one digit away.”

A short Visual Novel that uses horror as a narrative device to touch on topics such as bullying, troublesome family relations and the importance of friendship.

This game contains 3 different endings, your choices will determine which ending you’ll get.

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Zerlinda was a child when she escaped the witch trials that robbed her of her mother. She has lived as a recluse ever since, enjoying her garden and the company of her familiar.

When an intruder manages to breach the barriers around her woods, Zerlinda realizes just how deep her scars run and how fragile her inner peace is.

Also, the intruder is a princess.

A strong-willed princess who refuses to be married off and wants to live just like Zerlinda does: freely.


Zerlinda embraces being a witch of the wilds, and enjoys delicacies like moss infusions and pickled flower bulbs. She has a soft spot for owlets—her familiar regularly uses this fact to his advantage.

Eugenie Priscilla Raisa is the eleventh in line for the throne, but she thinks of her royal blood as an inconvenienceHer days in the palace were spent listening to wandering bards and minstrels while avoiding the etiquette intructor.

Spoon has been Zerlinda’s familiar for decades. He uses a glamour to make himself look like a tiny round owlet; his cute appearance lets him get away with almost anything.


  • A branching narrative of 20k words with 5 endings
  • Manage Zerlinda’s rage or watch her succumb to her nightmares
  • wlw slice-of-life story with a magic twist for Spooktober 2020
  • Beautiful character art and CGs by sourFlowr
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The Kosmos Connections Demo is available on and Steam!

[Support the Kickstarter]

Kosmos Connections is two Visual Novels in one: the first is a slice-of-life story all about reconnecting with old friends and forming new connections, while the second is a science-fiction short story that is integrated into the first. 

As a whole, Kosmos Connections explores the concepts of perspective, empathy, and the desire to know the truth. There is some romance within the game, but that’s not what it is about. This is a “connection game” where the focus is on creating bonds (or connections) between characters, romantic or otherwise.

This story aims aims to cover an experience that is rooted in the life of college-aged Americans, giving a fresh perspective to a cast of characters trying to figure out their place in this world.

Through the connections you make and share, we hope you will come to understand the residents of Kosmos.

The demo features:

  • A 16,000+ word script (90-120 minutes to complete)!
  • Introductions to all the main characters in Kosmos Connections
  • Chapter 1 of Uplink Alethia
  • Beautiful character & background art from 5 different artists over 2 distinct styles
  • 11 originally composed music tracks
  • 3 CG scenes
  • Voice acting in important scenes

Kosmos Connections

Welcome Back to Kosmos!

After being gone for eight years, Adelfos (the player) returns with his sister Runia to spend the last week of winter vacation in their hometown of Kosmos. Upon arrival, Adelfos meets up with his childhood friend, Tau Theta, who soon convinces him and her new friend Jennavieve Caeda into becoming testers for her visual novel – Uplink Alethia. However, as the group plays more of Tau’s game, the more her reason for creating it become increasingly questionable…

 Uplink Alethia

 Kazuhira Hatanaka is  the man behind the Soul Uplink, a machine that uploads people’s souls  to a digital world called the Datascape. However, when his assistant Nona runs the first test, it all goes wrong. She finds something in the Datascape  that shouldn’t be there; something that gave her a sense of loss…

Will you be able to connect with those in the town of Kosmos and find a deeper meaning from within Uplink Alethia, or will you instead continue to take the world at its face value.

Below are the character bios for Uplink Alethia!

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EVOLUTION – Versicorae Domlion

  •  Hybrid between a 90s inspired RPG and a Visual Novel
  •  10 hours of gameplay. 
  • Experience the connection between five different stories set in May 1938. 
  • System based on riddles and turn based fights against horrible creatures. 
  • Gloomy pixel art and hand-drawn graphic.

EVOLUTION – Versicorae Domlion is a hybrid horror video game between a Visual Novel and a RPG.

The player will have the opportunity to experience five stories, different depending on the character chosen, to finally compose a single greater story. To advance, you will have to find out why Cathrine, Michael, Arthur and Anne were chosen by the mysterious Alexis and help them resolve their inner conflicts.

The game offers, in addition to the rich storyline, the opportunity to visit the city of Gris to get to know its inhabitants, enhance the skills of each individual hero and to face dungeons guarded by fearsome monsters.

N.b. Due to the violent content and topics covered, this product is recommended only to an audience with an age of 18 or more.

Game’s release is planned for STEAM (Windows) only at the moment. Different platforms will be added depending on the campaign’s results.

The game will be developed in two languages, English and Italian. Other localizations will be realized by unlocking the Stretch Goals. (More info at the bottom)


The inhabitants of the town of Gris cherish many wishes. Dreams that each individual would like to fulfill to achieve their own happiness.

One day, thanks to the will of a single man, they will finally have a chance to take shape… But not all of them will turn into beautiful flowers.

Alexis Nemoria 

The protagonist, or maybe the villain, of this story. Thanks to a magical book, his great curiosity was able to twist the life of the other heroes and the whole city. What is the reason behind his mysterious plan?

Nun Cathrine

A nun that lives in the suburbs of Gris. After aiding the soldiers during the war, she decided to move to the small town in order to help the more needy ones. She still isn’t aware of what lays under her feet, though.

Michael O’Glory

A thug raised in the city’s poor area. Due to his excessive swagger, he saw his best friend dying before his eyes. The loss will place an indelible mark on him, bearable only thanks to someone’s help.

Arthur Turneep 

The adoptive son of the Archeology Museum owner. The sudden passing of his father will place all of the man’s heritage in his hands, forcing the youth to grow up quickly. Events will prove the boy’s naivety and his low awareness of others feelings.

Anne Alder

Daughter of a renowned scientist. Able to attend the city’s university at the age of 17, she immediately found it hard to socialize with her fellow students due to a bad temperament. Her behavior could in truth hide some more complex than simple shyness.


The game, despite the strongly narrative structure, offers a series of strategic battles against fearsome monsters.

By commanding up to four characters with different abilities, the player will be able to face any adversity and thus reach the conclusion of this story.

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MariAlbum is a visual novel spinoff of OTUSUN CLUB’s flagship title, The Bell Chimes For Gold. Following up on the previous spinoff, A Day In The Life Of Maria, MariAlbum offers a further glimpse of the lives of Maria Scissorland and the men she’s gotten involved with. The game was originally released in Japan in 2016, and is a story-only adult otome romance title with full voice acting.

Because we got such a warm reception for A Day In The Life, we felt strongly that we should share this further piece of the Bell Chimes world with everyone in English, and we need your help to do it. With your support, we can make this dream a reality, and even bring more life into the game than ever before!

 Samuel Double is a former swordsman-turned-alcoholic. Don’t expect to find him on the battlefield anymore – you’ll have better luck in the nearest tavern 

 William Bloom is an elfin pretty boy with a naïve streak. He has a generous spirit, but it can get him into trouble when people take advantage of him.

Ben Koo is addicted to gambling…and stealing. He makes up for his lack of luck at the casino with his thievery skills, and it’s a good thing, too.

Brian Starly is a stuck-up warrior priest, one of the last of a long line of upper-class citizens. He’s constantly struggling to maintain his grasp on the last bits of his family legacy.

Walter Pleasant is a bookish necromancer who prefers the company of the dead to that of the living. That being said, when he is around warm flesh he can be quite the lecher.

Maria Scissorland is your average expert herbalist. She’s generally kind-hearted, but has a wild side she only shows in private. The one thing she’s missing in life is a man…but which one is right for her? 

OTUSUN LAND, is an offshoot of experienced and established visual novel developer 乙SUN倶楽部 (OTUSUN CLUB), created with the aim of bringing lesser-exposed Japanese gaming and other media content to new people around the globe in both Japanese and English. Our first major title, Neighbor, was released in September of 2018, following a very successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over 200% of its goal. We have since released the visual novel A Day in the Life of Maria and the farming simulation game Hippoboar Rancher on Steam as well, after similarly successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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♦ ♦ ♦

It is the middle ground between sweet and salt, between sauce and spice, and it lies between the pit of a clown’s fears and the summit of his clown makeup. This is the dimension of clownery.

Welcome… to the Cal Zone.

Play as a girl named Anne Chovy and date a sad clown living in poverty!

This is #ProjectDeepDish

♦ ♦ ♦

Free Game: ~20,000 words, approx 1 hour+
Digital PDF Art Book: 46 Pages
Includes a secret password for an extra scene and CG in-game!

♦ ♦ ♦

A collaboration by batensan, fenori, and zzzbookwormzzz

batensan: twitter | tumblr | instagram | Q&A |

fenori: twitter | tumblr | instagram | dA |

zzzbookwormzzz: twitter | instagram |

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Mr. Versatile


Now available in English and Spanish!  We can’t make this game unless we get funding!  It should go live around March 10th. Click ‘Notify Me on Launch’ so you don’t miss it!

The Lone Wolf Mister Versatile thinks super teams are a pain in the ass, but four super-hotties have decided they want to watch his back anyway.  

Mister Versatile es un lobo solitario por una buena razón. Piensa que trabajar en equipo es un grano en el culo, y él no tiene el culo para compromisos. Pero hay cuatro superbuenorros que están decididos a convencerlo de que un superhéroe necesita tener las espaldas bien cubiertas y viceversa.

Mister Versatile is screwed, and not in the good way. Baddies have penetrated his tender headquarters.  Will Mr. V finally let down his guard and get the help he needs?

Cuando los problemas empiezan a penetrar en lo más preciado que tiene: su Versabase, Mister Versatile tendrá que hacer honor a su nombre y adaptarse a la nueva situación. Aunque eso suponga bajar la guardia y aventurarse en una nueva alianza. 

If so, which superhero will teach him how to play nice with others? By Studio Kosen, the artists who created the To Trust an Incubus demo!

¿Quién le enseñará a volver a confiar en los demás? Por Studio Kôsen, las artistas que crearon la demo de To Trust an Incubus!

Join our Discord for all the news and updates about this game!

Únete a nuestro Discord y no te pierdas las noticias y actualizaciones sobre este juego:

Mister Versatile is an Adults Only Gay Visual Novel Featuring:

Mister Versatile es una Visual Novel Gay solo para adultos que incluye:

  • Animated Sequences Secuencias Animadas
  • 4 Routes 4 Rutas
  • Partial Voice Acting (Full is a Stretch Goal) Doblaje parcial (completo si se alcanza la Stretch Goal)
  • 12 Endings 12 Finales
  • Hundreds of CGs Cientos de imágenes
  • An OST with 31 Funky Songs Una banda sonora con 31 temas funk
  • 30 Steam Achievements 30 Logros en Steam

Note:  The creators of this game are not native speakers of English.  We found that any attempt to smooth their English diminished their voice and reduced the charm of their natural writing.  Therefore, players will notice that the English version of Mister Versatile was not written by a native speaker of English. 


Partial Voice Acting by Sean Chiplock (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5, Detective Pikachu)

Introducing Tim Castaway as the voice of Captain Crush

Partial Voice Acting by Cole Feuchter (To Trust an Incubus, Ishida And Asakura, Camp Buddy, Full Service, The Divine Speaker)

Partial Voice Acting by Jasper Harrow (Morningdew Farms)

Partial Voice Acting by Christian Vela (Alpha Hole Prison)

Partial Voice Acting by Gary Scales (Tom Clancy’s Division 2, Dying Light 2, My Time at Portia)

Partial Voice Acting by Kiba Walker (To Trust an Incubus, Black Clover, Camp Buddy, Full Service, Saint Seiya)

Other Voice Actors:

Bad Guy #1 – Steven Aries
Bad Guy #2 – Derek Bissell 
Person in Distress – Michaela Laws

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween-divider.gif



After narrowly escaping a masked assailant, Adrien attempts to go back to their regular college life, but the killer is still out there… Spend your time with one of three love interests, avoid dying, and find the real killer… though they may be closer than you think!

In a new take on the murder mystery genre, the killer is randomly chosen from one of the love interests at the start of every new game. Every playthrough is different, with each killer and love interest having different plot lines.

Demo Features

  • 3 endings depending on which love interest you spend time with
  • Different scenes and dialogue depending on who the killer is
  • A colorful cast of side characters
  • Choose from 2 character designs (feminine & masculine) and gender
  • Around 1-2 hours long

Full Game Features

  • 3 love interests
  • Multiple endings depending on the killer, love interest route, and your choices
  • A colorful cast of side characters
  • Choose from 2 character designs (feminine & masculine) and gender
  • Over 50,000 words

The suspects

Played the demo?

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giphy (3)

Did you see any games that caught your eye?

We’ve finally arrived to October and the spooks are rampant on the blog, and hopefully we see more releases of Halloween themed visual novels. I am extremely happy to see Drops of Death has finally arrive for demo play! I had heard about this game during my time in Otome Amino and I was thrilled, the artwork looks fantastic and I’m happily playing it to see what’s in store for the protagonist. Any games that you’ve seen in this edition of the Visual Novel News that attracted your attention? Let me know!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side!

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