Audiobook Review: Cat Got Your Secrets by Julie Chase


“Cat Got Your Secrets” is the third book in the Kitty Couture Mystery series by Julie Chase, it was highly recommended on my cozy mystery lists, and it had very good reviews from other bookstagrammers I follow on IG. I had gone in with high expectations, as cozy mysteries are my steak and butter in the bookish world. Sadly, this novel was served with a cold dish of disappointment, as the mystery was rotted thoroughly to the core, due to the main character.

I went into this series blind, without having read the first two novels. This comes with the expectation that when a story is written well that the characters and the story itself, are easy to devour for anyone who is new to the series. Which has been proven time and again (for me at least) with other cozy mysteries, or fictional novels I’ve jumped into, without realizing that there were several books before the one I was reading.

However, the main character of this series repulsed me in a way that I couldn’t even see how she managed to keep her friends, family, or love interests in her life. The reasoning behind my disgust, is she is playing two men, when it’s obvious that they hold feelings for her, but she chooses to mess around on both. She also has a penchant to antagonize people, and personally do things that are obviously dangerous to her well-being. In several chapters she purposely ran after suspicious/dangerous characters, and knowingly provoked them with open arms and even almost got her family member killed in the process.

The way the MC also speaks and holds herself throughout the story was painstakingly difficult to get munch on, as she held herself more akin to a toddler who has uncontrollable fits versus being a thirty-some year-old woman with sound judgment. I found myself in utter confusion with how unstable she was with her emotions and actions; it wasn’t until the end of the novel that I felt some relief from her overall presence.

I feel awful for all her friends, love interests, and her mother in general. As this heroine is beyond selfish, emotionally unstable, and likes messing with people’s feelings, because she can’t figure how to stop acting like a child. I hate saying this, but this novel was so disappointing, the only great upside was that the narrator (Brittany Pressley), is an amazing narrator with such fluidity in her voice that I absolutely adored. She was worth listening to versus the story itself.


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