Book Review: And Then There Were Crumbs by Eve Calder


I’m quite frankly new to Eve Calder’s work, but I was not disappointed, as the world of Coral Cay came to life very easily along–with the colorful array of personalities that we get introduced to along the way. The cover is absolutely cute, and not only that, but we also have Oliver the poodle mix sitting in front of the store. Probably the second book with a dog named Oliver that I adore, ha-ha! Our MC has just left the big apple in hopes of starting her a new life and trying to forget the old.

With absolutely a lot of things seeming like they were falling apart; a stroke of luck lands her at The Cookie House–which is a place the doesn’t sell cookies… However, not even more than 24hours into her new job position does a murder occur, and the shop owner of The Cookie House is the one being accused. Kate and her new friends, along with the poodle-mix, Oliver all work together to solve the mystery of the murder and clear the name of the stubborn, but kind Cookie House owner.

Overall, the detailing for Coral Cay was well written, it wasn’t hard to find myself walking along the storefronts and seeing the beautiful ocean area that it’s housed upon. The characters were well rounded, especially the heroine, and her super ability to figure out your favorite cookie is quite a talent TBH. I enjoyed listening to this tale so much, and the mystery was actually one I couldn’t have solved without a couple of hints. It was an astonishing twist!

Eve Calder has a new fan! For the mystery, the storytelling, and the amazing cast that was written. I give this book five stars, especially because solving the mystery was definitely a big twist, and if you don’t read the passages carefully you will miss the culprit!

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