Review: All Fudged Up by Nancy Coco


This is my first time reading this author’s work, and to say the least I wasn’t entirely impressed but I wasn’t unimpressed either. Over the time I spent listening to the audio of this novel, the narrative couldn’t quite even out the plot and the crazy love triangle that happens to be in this cozy mystery. It was fairly erratic, due to the first parts of the chapters with the main character objectifying men and seemingly eyeballing any man candy that happened to be around.

Then next we’d get to the plot and try to gather clues to the murder, but the story would only focus on the murder for at least a few seconds before the heroine started getting frustrated about the locals not wanting to help her. I understand the immense turmoil and difficulty the MC was facing as the newbie in town, and how people were reluctant to give her a hand. However, I felt that the town was hazing her, and purposely obstructing justice with what it sounded like.

To say the least, I was impressed with how it was hard to figure out who the perp(s) were, all the red herrings were exceptional. However, it was extremely excruciating to listen to the story when all the MC could think about was broad shouldered men, muscled bodies, and nice butts. I was practically rolling my eyes, because romance should be a minor plot in cozy mysteries and should only be added if it furthers character development and the story itself.

I will say the mystery was very well written, when it did pop up for the reader to help solve, but otherwise and most of the time I found myself quoting the picture to the right. It’s quite a predicament to be objectifying every single man in the book, and then flirting with almost every available bachelor in the town. It makes me feel the heroine doesn’t respect herself genuinely and possibly won’t focus on being in one relationship, with the way she thinks. Overall, the story gets a solid 3 stars, for the adorable pup named Mallow aka Mal, and the decent red herrings in the story.

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