DNF: A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry


I honestly hate writing DNF reviews, I hate when I can’t finish a book, but there isn’t much point to wasting your time on a novel if it’s written poorly. Same goes for a game, if it’s also constructed poorly, written poorly, and designed poorly… You don’t need to waste your time trying to finish if you aren’t enjoying what you read or play, that’s just how I see it. I’m deeply amazed how this book seemed to open with a great beginning, with the scene of the murder and the characters being pretty fun to hang out with.

However, as the book decides to use a flashback method to have the reader transport back in time before the murder. I grew more and more bewildered by the main character and her actions. Each chapter decidedly started to shift more from character building to too much building, until you finally reach the present time of the murder.

I was unamused by the book’s antics about poor parenting skills, same with the FMC wanting a booty call rather than a stable healthy relationship. There was also way too much swearing on the FMC’s part, versus everyone else in the book. I did try my best to like this book as there were things I shared in common with the character’s daughter, but alas… the FMC herself, once again just blew it. There was just absolutely no point, if for most of the book she was sulking over the current man-thing she was obsessed with not meeting to 100% of her expectations.

Then to tell the reader that because he has different ideas and opinions than her, he suddenly doesn’t have a nice butt or body after all. When in the previous chapter beforehand, she was making out with him and trying to get physical while her daughter was away. This was a major facepalm, I truly am sad this wasn’t my cup of tea but there was plenty wrong with what lay inside of it.

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