Taking a gander at Tower of Fantasy

Bio Break

High up on my games to try out this fall was the open world MMO Tower of Fantasy, of which I’ve heard some good buzz from various people. Plus, it looked pretty and might even — with double jump and a scifi bent — have a chance at plugging that WildStar-shaped hole in me. So why not give it a go?

Tower of Fantasy does start out unusually for an MMO: It plunks you right into a story/tutorial without the character creator. That actually comes AFTER the tutorial, so everyone going through this opening part looks the same, I guess. I’m just glad that movement and combat feel right, not to mention that the game includes climbing as a feature.

Not too long after, I got to pick my character’s looks, so I went with a Jet Set Radio-style. I thought it was kind of funny/weird that there was no…

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One response to “Taking a gander at Tower of Fantasy”

  1. I love your character , very cute ! I was wondering if this would be like Phantasy Star online. I loved that game for character customization and online community.


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