Skyland: Heart of the Mountain Game Review


Coming at you with another Artifex Mundi hidden object game, Skyland: Heart of the Mountain. I had reviewed a previous game from them called Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt, and that game didn’t disappoint. However, I do have to make some criticisms with this game. While this game had all the classic fixings of a great hidden object and puzzle game, the plot was hard to keep up with, which evidently lowered my rating for this game.

To start with the positives, the game design and graphics were glorious as always. The art style never ceases to amaze me as we are taken into a Steampunk-style world with airships. I love anything revolving the steampunk genre, it’s hard for me to pass up adventure games with this theme. Another plus was the costumes for the characters were exceptionally well done and very on point.

Next, the gameplay is a very easy-going vibe, you have two ways to play. One being the causal style where you get hints and also little places on the screen that emit a shiny glow to help you play along. The other mode is the expert mode, where you hardly get hints, and your mistakes can land you in very bad places if you don’t guess correctly or catch the hidden objects.

Lastly, the storyline, “In the world built on the shoulders of sleeping giants, join your sister Adrianne to prevent a terrifying annihilation that may irreversibly change the world. Explore the history of a forgotten civilization to save the citizens of Skyland and reveal the mystery of your father’s death.” This was a very intriguing catchline to the summary of the game, and it did hook me in. However, as I played along the story was difficult to keep up with, at times it bored me, and I honestly couldn’t wait until a mini-game made an appearance.

There was a lot of unnecessary dialogue which caused me great displeasure, but I digress, I made it through. Although the storytelling wasn’t as amazing as the previous game, I cannot help but be addicted to these games. My nostalgia for I-Spy games, puzzle books, and Sherlock Holmes mysteries compels me to buy these types of games LMAO!

Overall, the game is well created, and gameplay is leisurely and not intense. Beautiful artwork, music, the voiceovers could be better (it’s tolerable); and the dialogue does need to be edited. However, this is a game to enjoy if you’re just looking to relax and work your brain without doing crazy combinations.

I give this game a 4.0/5.0 stars. Game On!


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