A Return to Capcom’s Monster Hunter Series: MH RISE/SUNBREAK


I am a bit surprised that I never wrote a review about my upmost love for Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. I’ll be honest, I actually didn’t know about this game, and it normally isn’t a genre I play. However, my then-boyfriend-now-husband was playing this game first and had encouraged me to try it. Since that time, he first introduced it to me, I’ve been religiously playing this game series since it’s debut on the PSP with MH Freedom Unite in 2008.

The game play has little tweaks here and there as the MH series continues, always keeping a player hooked on trying to understand the mechanics of new skills and weaponry. I’ll admit, I do have one gripe with some of the MH games, as I hate when you could swim in one game but then in the next game you cannot swim anymore. I also enjoyed the aspect of jumping on the backs of monsters and having a rodeo.

With MH Rise, I have been trying to understand the new weapon specific skills, and that you can no longer jump on a monster’s back and deal some major damage from above. However, while that is one issue that I have with the game itself, the game is over all enjoyable with using a game controller and fun. Oh, there is one more thing that is slightly an issue, but that’s more on myself then the game–it’s the auto-targeting of the monsters.

I’m pretty terrible at unlocking the target when the beast is running away, just like how I had a rough time with auto-targeting this Azuros (picture above). This monster loves to run around and use the momentum of his body weight and speed to send you flying. If you don’t take off auto-target your character will more likely roll into his line of destruction versus away due to how the camera angles your sight picture.

The plotline for Rise was fairly decent including the dialogue, with the added option to skip certain cutscenes if you don’t want to see it. Each monster has its own unique opening with an old stage play sound, which gives a very strong dramatic effect at the beginning of the hunt. I believe added this new element to the game was a good idea, as it helped set this MH game apart from its previous ones.

Also, the massive detailing of the game is amazing as the series has progressed. Imagery is super wonderful and realistic thanks to the RE engine, making the hunting grounds more and more interesting with every mission. Including the hidden areas that the Buddy Recon finds, or you happen to stumble upon by accident.

I can keep going on about how awesome this series has grown to be, from its early fledging days where everything was still kind of fuzzy looking on the PSP, to now, where you can actually make out the faces of your Palicoes from a distance. I highly recommend this game for those who like long-term commitment type games, with a bit of hunting, grinding, and overall, just a comical time.

I’m looking forward to getting to the end-game content and getting Master Rank gear. Hopefully I see the treacherous Kirin, since I already see the notorious Silver/Gold –Rathian/Rathalos. This blog was a mess with writing since this wasn’t a pure review, but an attempt to get more people to join in on the fun go the MH series. If you’re interested, please check out the MH Sunbreak Demo! Game on ya’ll!

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