Defeating Elder Dragon Narwa, and Finishing MHRise Arc

It is a grand but bittersweet moment whenever I finish a game or even an arc from a game series. Last night I finally finished Monster Hunter Rise, with officially hunting and destroying the living daylights out of Ibushi and Narwa. These two elder dragons were the bane of my existence on this chapter of Monster Hunter, the two love birds basically wanted to procreate and fill the world with doomsday babies.

The source of the crazed rampage that would bring destruction to the small village my hunter was sworn to protect has now been killed off, so to speak… I will say this, these two elder dragons on their own were SOBs to kill, especially Narwa aka The Thunder Dragon. Compared to Ibushi, The Wind Dragon–Narwa was exponentially much larger, and her attacks were hard to get a grasp on during the individual fights.

During the final battle between Ibushi and Narwa, the Allmother Dragon consumes Ibushi’s life force when he perishes in the fight. Turning Narwa into this supercharged mutant of a beast that can slap you to the Outer Verse by just flying over your character. I wish I was able to take actual screen shots of the fight, but it proved quite difficult since Narwa would continually change the battlefield to her liking.

As you can see in this picture, Narwa has moved pieces of the ground into the sky, and she would do this constantly. Not only would she manipulate the field but she would blast you to the heavens with the powers she gained from her dead lover, (Ibushi the Wind Dragon). I found myself constantly being thrown into the air and thrown across the field, only to be blasted by her gigantic lightning rays and rings.

The monster who ended up actually saving my pitiful hunter butt, was this badass, the Magnamalo. For some reason he magically appeared when I was getting owned by Narwa, and thankfully he threw it down with the Allmother dragon. Damaging her enough to let me come in with the Wyvernblast and Sticky Ammo, to say the least, this was a hard-fought victory.

The clip above is the scene that plays after you kill the final boss, and to say the least, it was a bittersweet feeling. As you see the cutscenes roll and you enjoy a small victory before being asked by the guild to go against Valstrax, a mutated Gundam/Buzz Lightyear/Elder Dragon that literally blasts off like a rocket. I will say this is not the end of my adventures with MHRise/Sunbreak, as I’ve only just scratched the surface of the next Arc to the series.

Until next time, happy gaming ya’ll!

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