Enjoying the Scenery of Teyvat

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m still hanging around in Teyvat, let alone, I’m now trying to remember the story line from almost two years ago from when I started playing Genshin Impact. I started with using Sora, the brother, for my main account to see the story unravel through his eyes. I created a second account with, Hotaru, the sister, to now see the differences between the twins and their actions.

While I enjoy the two characters for their overall differences in style, fighting, and animations. I realize I just prefer to play as the male character versus the female, but… I will say there are some drawbacks when I play as Sora. Especially for romance, as after playing partway through the Archon of Sumeru arc, Hotaru and Sora have “a lot of people falling for them.”

While that aspect does make me happy, considering that there is a possibility of maybe having a romance with a certain character of choice. Only time will tell, and only Hoyoverse knows whether they want to take that initiative. Until then, I’m enjoying the Lantern Rite arc, the food creations, and the scenery in Teyvat.

Happy Lantern Rite ya’ll, and also keep on gaming on~!


3 responses to “Enjoying the Scenery of Teyvat”

  1. I love the scenery too ! I have so many pictures in my computer of just random areas in Inuzuma or Sumeru

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    1. I really love how they created the graphics, they look so wonderful. I especially loved the Lantern Rite graphics!

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      1. Yes ! And the animated movie parts were so good . It was really cool seeing Cloud Retainer and Madam Ping in their youth !


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