Hoping for Certain Banner Reruns on Genshin Impact

As I continue traveling through the world of Teyvat, and the upcoming releases of Fontaine and the Mondstat-sea-port-that-we-always-heard-about-but-aren’t-able-to-go-to… My hope lies with the reruns of the coming festivals soon to come in the game.

Similar to that of the Lantern Rite arc, that came to fruition a bit ago, Mondstat is due to have another wine festival and also a summer vacation type event as well. During these events special characters can be obtained through the ‘Wish’ banners, and I’m hoping for a few particular banners to run.

While I love the four-star characters I’ve recently gotten, such as the mischievous Heizou (Anemo user), I am currently watching out for Kazuha, Zhongli, and Albedo. These three have been on my watchlist, and sadly whenever their banners ran, I was currently on a mission from my job and unable to play for some time.

However, I don’t plan to give up hope since the coming announcements of festivals to arrive and new characters to come. I can only pray I have enough wishes to be able to wish for any of the stated characters above (because they are amazing to use in the style of play, I utilize in Genshin). Here’s to praying that Hoyoverse does a rerun of these characters in the next few weeks and I can finally get these three to come home.

Until another day, keep on adventuring on~!


3 responses to “Hoping for Certain Banner Reruns on Genshin Impact”

  1. So I think you’re safe for a while . Dehya is coming soon , but I would be saving up by the Apple Archipelago , as that may be a time they when they want to rerun Albedo or Kazuha . Not sure about Zhongli , I kind of want him too .

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    1. I am crossing my fingers I don’t leave somewhere for work when Apple Archipelago happens again! I keep kicking myself that I missed that event, TWICE! 😦

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      1. The Apple Archipelago event is so long too . I was able to finish the main story , but some of the mini quests I didn’t. My dog got sick at that time so i was nursing him back to health . I’m hoping they do a Klee rerun so I get her constellations to 3 .


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