The Journey of My Ever Changing Mind

In a sense, I’m always ever changing and doing different things to keep my mind from wandering and overthinking about everything… I realize I want this blog space to just be a place where I can just unload most of my thoughts on books, games, and narrations I do. So while I will be doing book reviews every now and then, this blog will transition to more of my hobby blog. While I know that no one wants to read the mundane trials of an average woman trying to figure out her life and still not trigger her anxiety or depression.

Which leads me to why this blog was started, I suffer from a very strange but not uncommon anxiety disorder which has been deemed “High Functioning.” As I can look and act normal in front of people when I’m severely in tangles and want to run away from everything. I know that has several articles written about this type, however, when I had seen a doctor many years ago. It was just pronounced as anxiety and depression, here-have-some-pills-that’ll-screw-up-your-psyche-even-more KABLAM!

I felt worse for wear when they had me taking several different pills, it came to a point where I felt all kinds of messed up. Also, certain friends and family would point out that there was no way I could be depressed or have anxiety because I would go out and I could talk with people. Now, back then, I was too depressed and such a damn pushover, I literally just listened and did whatever anyone told me it was. I actually caused more damage to my mind then when I was just not on medication and not vocally telling anyone about what was running through my mind.

However, I had many years of suppressing this anxiety and depression, I knew it was there niggling at me in the night. It ate away at me bit by bit, and it stirred me towards becoming fixated on food and developing this disgusting type of relationship with sweets. I would constantly eat sweets to just get that small high of comfort, and then when it was all gone, I’d seek more of sugar as my drug. To a point where I became 60lbs overweight and I struggled to pass the physical examinations for a job opportunity. I was embarrassed as hell to even be my sister’s maid of honor for her wedding… so I made up this horrid excuse that I couldn’t be her maid of honor and she had to pass the torch to someone else. It was bad… I was depressed, overweight, full of anxiety, and yet people found it hard to believe that I was suffering from High Functioning Anxiety because… I could work and act normal.

It’s been a difficult road to keep my anxiety from getting out of hand, and that’s where this blog and my side projects come into play. I narrate creepypastas and I do gameplay videos, however, I also return to books to keep me going. I practically do a multitude of things to keep my mind from going into a dark place. So if you’re willing to read all my mishaps and crazy different blog post on a daily basis, stick around, I hope there’s something that I talk about that either will help you laugh or get you interested in a new hobby.


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Tangling with Noodles and Treasure Hunting

Hi everyone,

I’m doing my check-in for the last day of the week, albeit I’m a lot later than I wanted to be. Life seems to be running at a lot faster pace than I had hoped, and I feel I’m never getting time or energy to capture my goals. I recently hit a reading slump with “Death by Dumplings,” now there’s nothing wrong with this book; it’s actually entertaining! However, I don’t know why I’ve hit this blockade in my reading challenge, and I ended up taking a detour into the romance genre with ‘Treasure Hunter Security Series’ by Anna Hackett:


So far, it’s getting me back into the swing of things since this more of a novella with hot romance, action, and an HFN ending that is swoon-worthy. To be honest with you all, I hope just a switch in genres changes my pace and ends my book reviewing slump.

Beef Rolling Time Management

My time management skills are seriously the worst… I’ve been busy with other projects that by the time, that I do have time to read; I am overwhelmingly exhausted.

It’s saddening to me because I like taking my time to visualize characters and scenes in my head, but when I’m tired it’s like KA-PUT NOPE.

I have to figure out something or maybe take a mini reading detour. I have a goal in mind for reading this year and I intend to fully accomplish it GOSH DUMPLING IT.

Down with Dumplings

Hi guys! Checking in real quick with an update for this book, I have been very bad this week but I promise I’ll be keeping up with the reviews and my goals for reading books this year. It’s been a pretty long week, to be honest, but I’ll be checking in again in another few days with an update!