Autumn Written in Blood


The gentle sensation of an autumn chill stroked against her cheeks, but Evangeline kept her eyes closed, and threw the duvet over her face. She tried to force herself to go back to sleep. She was sure that if she chose to rise from the comfort of her linens, she would see the mid-fall and winter frost dancing across her window pane. She could very well imagine herself settling for a warm cup of coffee at her usual cafe and take in the scenery for inspiration.

However, a cloak of numbness had wrapped itself around her soul, managed to keep her sullen, and not wanting to move. A vicious case of writer’s block had taken wake in her spirit, and was haunting her body like a disease.

“I need to check my phone…”

Evangeline let a sigh escape as she agonizingly roll beneath the covers onto her stomach and reached for her phone. These last few months had proven to be a struggle. Sleepless nights, trashed character concepts, and story board papers strewn about on the usually well kept floor. The life of a writer was shining at it’s darkest upon her. Sliding her fingers on the screen of her work phone, she saw multiple newsletters and amass of emails from her editor.

She groaned, knowing full well that her editor was going to hunt her down if she didn’t get back to him today, “I’ve gotta get up.”

With the vigor of an old decrepit 90 year old body, Evangeline’s feet touched the hard floors as she practically dragged herself towards the shower. The familiar hiss of hot water raining down from her shower head, her pajamas sluiced down to the floor. Her thoughts of hope also falling along with it.

Slipping into the spray of liquid heat, she washed, and scrubbed the grime of her sleepless escapade. Lately, Evangeline had been dreaming random oddities, she was seeing visions of unknown origins, while this should of been something to use as inspiration for her writing. The dreams made no linear sense nor did it strike passion, what it did do, plant a seed of wariness and perhaps… fear.

Evangeline shook her head, maybe being an author had finally taken a toll on her sanity. Causing her to frequently hallucinate more than live properly in the real conforms of reality.

“And that’s why I’m a writer…”

Can You Order Ten More Burgers Please?



Teke Teke Riddle:

Shortly after hearing the legend, she will ask you a riddle, either in a dream, or in a mysterious phone call. The only way to escape death is to answer her questions exactly the right way. She will ask you: “Do you need your legs?” You must reply: “I need them right now.” Then, she will ask you: “Who told you my story?” You must reply: “Kashima Reiko. Ka as in mask (仮面), shi as in death (), ma as in demon (), rei as in ghost (), and ko as in accident (事故).” If you answer her riddles without mistake, she may just let you live.

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Yokai Attack!


The Power of a Name (Horror and Nonsense)

know I can blaugustrebornlogo2018

Welcome back to the nonsense of Sharlen Gray!

I wanted to kinda dump the thoughts that have been haunting me since I started my journey for Blaugust Reborn. Nothing bad, but it’s more as if I have a lot of plans to keep myself motivated to keep posting everyday of this event. At the moment I’m listening to a couple of scary, paranormal, and true crime podcasts to better understand some of the material I have.

Next week will have a longer podcast event, which I’m pretty happy to be able to do, especially since it’s something I love doing. Scary stories, creepy incidents, curses, and hauntings both terrify and intrigue me. Maybe it’s because of my own haunted experiences, that I am drawn to the darkness that we cannot seem to decipher at times.

To tell you the honest truth, I never get scared by the American-made horror movies or stories, I’ve been disgusted (i.e. The Hills Have Eyes), but not enough fear to keep me scared for too long. I think the scariest movie I have seen that was American-Made was Paranormal Activity, due to the fact that it was more realistic for me.

However, the movies that I would never watch again no matter if you dare me to would be Asian-made movies (I’m glaring at you The Ringu, The Grudge, Teke Teke, and The Red Shoes). Just wanted to say before I keep going, I did watch the regurgitated versions Hollywood created of a few films, and was sorely depressed with all the effects that were added. It kinda just made it like a funhouse of horrors than something to strike terror into my spirit and leaving me walking around with a bowl of salt everywhere.

Which brings me to my podcast for next week, I will be discussing what I feel are the top scariest legends of Asia with added dramatizations I’ve created. I will be trying my best to utilize my creepypasta skills to recreate different voices. Hopefully, my voice lessons paid off and I can get by. Until next time everyone, keep blogging!