Autumn Written in Blood


The gentle sensation of an autumn chill stroked against her cheeks, but Evangeline kept her eyes closed, and threw the duvet over her face. She tried to force herself to go back to sleep. She was sure that if she chose to rise from the comfort of her linens, she would see the mid-fall and winter frost dancing across her window pane. She could very well imagine herself settling for a warm cup of coffee at her usual cafe and take in the scenery for inspiration.

However, a cloak of numbness had wrapped itself around her soul, managed to keep her sullen, and not wanting to move. A vicious case of writer’s block had taken wake in her spirit, and was haunting her body like a disease.

“I need to check my phone…”

Evangeline let a sigh escape as she agonizingly roll beneath the covers onto her stomach and reached for her phone. These last few months had proven to be a struggle. Sleepless nights, trashed character concepts, and story board papers strewn about on the usually well kept floor. The life of a writer was shining at it’s darkest upon her. Sliding her fingers on the screen of her work phone, she saw multiple newsletters and amass of emails from her editor.

She groaned, knowing full well that her editor was going to hunt her down if she didn’t get back to him today, “I’ve gotta get up.”

With the vigor of an old decrepit 90 year old body, Evangeline’s feet touched the hard floors as she practically dragged herself towards the shower. The familiar hiss of hot water raining down from her shower head, her pajamas sluiced down to the floor. Her thoughts of hope also falling along with it.

Slipping into the spray of liquid heat, she washed, and scrubbed the grime of her sleepless escapade. Lately, Evangeline had been dreaming random oddities, she was seeing visions of unknown origins, while this should of been something to use as inspiration for her writing. The dreams made no linear sense nor did it strike passion, what it did do, plant a seed of wariness and perhaps… fear.

Evangeline shook her head, maybe being an author had finally taken a toll on her sanity. Causing her to frequently hallucinate more than live properly in the real conforms of reality.

“And that’s why I’m a writer…”

He Will Light Your Fire. Literally….

Meet the co-owner of the bar downstairs from the LIAARS office, Aki Aodhan!
A Celtic Fire demon who doesn’t realize his own strength at times….

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Terror Pods and Creepypastas

Ever have one of those long days at work and you come home and think to yourself, “man, I can sure use some tea and Creepypasta narrations.”? Well that happens to be me, because I am a weird person with fairly eccentric moments (i.e. the disaster that is my blog). I love horror stories, I love the thrill of the imagery the story being told creates for me in my mind.

Sometimes a creepypasta is so good that I will replay it over and over, other times, I’ll just sit there and wonder what the hell I just listened to. Wondering if the narrator purposely chose the story to troll the listeners or if that they had run out of options to choose from. There is always a scary story that is to die for.

My favorite story happens to be “Hachishakusama”, beware though, it sounds all nice and bright when you read the title and feel as if that the story is just pure childish. However, the reason why this story got me so good is because of the realistic nature that this story held. I won’t get into too much details on it, as it would be preferable for someone to either listen or read it.

Over time, and years of growing up, things that I had been told that weren’t real or were practically unfounded began to show signs of some truth. Call it ridiculous, it is up to you to decide, but all legends, myths, and even our childhood fairy tales contain strands of truth. Maybe the real truths of the stories had been drowned out over the many years of storytelling, just like in the game ‘Telephone’ that I would play in kindergarten.

I still get vicious chills listening to this story, it has been over a year since I stumbled upon the urban legend from Japan. However, the sounds and the storytelling still renders me speechless, even now as I listen to it … the hackles on the back of my neck stand at attention.

In need of more horror stories of the same stride? Take a look at Yami Shibai, especially “The Umbrella Goddess.”


Bullet Journaling and Zombies

I’ve been told so many times that writing is easy, and that if you are an author, it should come to you naturally.

That is a big sack of lies and crap, because I struggle on a daily basis to write and even think of how to edit my manuscripts. Sure, I can find someone to edit my books, but because I am self-publishing my own novels, I am my own team. There are days I can write like I’m bleeding into the pages and fully form understandable paragraphs, other times I can only put one sentence down.

I’ve been on this constant hunt on how to find a way to keep encouraging my insecure ass to keep writing something, anything, every day, regardless of how piss poor it may read or sound to someone’s mind. But… I continue, I strive to find that Holy Grail of Writing which will make it easy to let the words from my soul just pour down like the rain on gray silver days.

One of the things I’ve realized that can help me, is Bullet Journaling, but Lordt– My penmanship is chicken scratch with monkey dong smooshed all over it. I seriously do not understand how people can get their journals to look so pristine and neat, mine looks like I had a hot mess of a drunk night. WHEN I DON’T EVEN DRINK.

It’s times like that, when I see my journaling skills, I fathom that maybe killing off a zombie hoard would be better than trying to write or journal. However, I then end up finding myself writing an outline of how the zombie hoards rise up from the ground, and the hero/heroine/protagonist must figure out the next best plan; or become one of the undead themselves.

Writing will never escape me… Even when zombies rise from the depths of my thoughts and bullet journaling makes me draw squiggly lines.


Ultimate Nonsense and Blah Blah

Let’s be honest, I have not been the most committed to this blog like I had planned. One the of the biggest reasons was my self confidence to keep writing, concerns with money, finding work, and most of all believing in myself. While I can write everyday and make posts on my online school, for some reason I feel more exposed on a blog than I would on my school discussion page.

It’s a bit nerve wrecking to know that I am troubled by my own insecurities, and I probably am less entertaining than most people. However, I feel what I offer would be just the typical, normal word magic that people may hope to find. If they only search deeper into the web, looking for that nook of solace and comfort.

I am just rambling now, and trying to ease my own thoughts into realizing that writing is my passion and that not everyone will be in love with my words. Hell, I am very sure my grammar mistakes will be the butt of callous comments at times or how I seem to lose track of my words.

Either way, I plan to challenge myself and pursue my dreams of continuing to write, lonely nook or not.