Character Type: Sadist-Dom (Teased, Pleased, and Dominated)


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In this blog, I’m going to talk about the character type, the sadist-dom type otherwise known as the S-Do in visual novels and otome games. These characters are either hit or miss depending on how well the writers and game creators choose to make the character. S&M is not an uncommon term anymore for people, and this type of character shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone of the Otaku world.

Gray’s idea of an S-Do: A character who finds enjoyment in teasing, manipulating, and toying with the one they care for as they don’t know how to properly express their true intentions properly. 

So let’s dissect the term S-Do:

sadodere is someone who loves to toy with the emotions of those they care about. While often confused with its sister archetype, the yandere, sadoderes are much more closely related to that of the kuudere, but with more sadistic tendencies. (Wiki)

several shades of sadism spoilers | Tumblr

So if a sadodere is someone similar to the kuudere but just more teasing… then what does the ‘do’ or ‘dom’ stand for?

Dom is short for “Dominant.” The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter. (urban dictionary)

So if you put it together ya’ll, we have a sadist-dom male or female, who gets off on teasing you in a sadistic manner–Depending on the game and development of the S-Do character, this character type can be cruel/flirty/devilish as they like teasing the ever-living heck out of the person they like, or uses ‘forced’ seduction techniques that push the MC to their edge and bring them to pleasure with out-of-box ministrations.

Several shades of sadism is live on android! | Otome Amino

These characters tend to go about being a dominant person in a different way compared to their Dom counterpart instead of being more forceful and roaring out their brash need to be all-powerful. Naw, these characters live for the thrill of teasing you to the point of leaving you flushed, hot and bothered, and begging for their touch. These characters can be written and portrayed wrongly, but if written well and executed correctly in a game you get one hell of scathing romance with these types.

And don’t be surprised, sex is their forte, and they don’t give it up so easily to you since they want to mercilessly punish you (in a good way) to get to a high point before they give in to their carnal desires. Be aware, they are possessive, and not like ‘roar-how-dare-you-touch-my-woman’ ordeal (while they can be that way…. not all of them do it in that fashion)… They are the type who will approach their adversaries in a slight yandere move and then punish you in a pretty deviant way.

196 Best Several shades of sadism otome images | Anime, Anime ...
S-Do: States that they will punish you…
Pin on Several shades of sadism otome
S-Do Action of Punishment to You


Sadist Types

Hirose GIF - HIrose Glasses SeducedintheSleeplessCity - Discover ...

While there isn’t an actual Wikipedia of the types of sadists out there in Otomelandia, I’m going to compile the ones I do know of in this little area here. Be advised, these are only characters I’ve played first-hand and some of the others didn’t make the cut due to them not truly being a good representation of an S-do in romance. Once again, please, to each their own, and be respectful to one another in regards to your likes and dislikes of these certain characters.


Kuudere Sadist

Steam Community :: Guide :: Office lovers

A cool, collective, and seemingly aloof sadist is rare in otome games, but not uncommon. Similar to their Tsundere counterpart, they don’t seem to be activated until they find interest in someone they like or have an interest in. A good character to reference this sort of behavior is Toma Kira from Several Shades od Sadism, this character seems to be cold and not wanting to be emotional in front of anyone. However, once you peel back those layers of ice, you find yourself under a very sadistic hold of a character with plenty of other layers you gotta go through.

Toma Kira- Several Shades of Sadism
Several Shades of Sadism Otome

However, this character isn’t as emotionless as they portray themselves to be, just like their an actual Kuudere from otome games. They are nurturing, loving, and very emotionally involved with their partner after they’ve fallen in love with you. However, be ready to embrace the cold, emotional ice burn of this type of sadist as once they’ve got their sights set on you, you best prepare to be teased on a whole new level of sadism.

Another cool type of sadist I’d like to recommend as well in this corner of the Kuudere S-Do, is Ryo Kaido of Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~ by D3Publishers. He’s a bit of twisty kind of fellow, and when you first meet him he actually has a cold demeanor towards you until you realize he’s actually been interested in you for a LONG TIME.

Screenshot (678)


Gray’s Emotions:

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Switch Sadist

Ota KBTBB (With images) | Anime boyfriend, Cartoon art, Anime life

Now here’s a fun type, as it seems plenty of otome games are starting to implement this type of sadist into their games. Usually they are not noticeable sadists for good reasons, because they switch once the doors to the public are closed. These characters tend to play a very cute, loveable, or even mature type of persona in front of people, cameras, just the public in general. However, once those cameras are off and you are alone with them, be prepared to be teased relentlessly.

These types can be more cruel than the others I mention, but these S-Do’s are usualy ones who carry a very severe emotional scar from their pasts. While I don’t find all of those scars acceptable to behave as a complete asshole, there are the few who make the cut to recommend in this bunch of ‘Switch’ happy Sadoderes.

Chiaki Yuasa (@ChiakiYuasa) | Twitter

Chiaki Yuasa is an exemplary Switch S-do as he is very charismatic in front of his colleagues and tends to portray being the go getter of the team of Seasonelle from ‘Our Two Bedroom Story’ from Voltage Inc 365. When you meet this kid, he seems to be very kind and cute in the aspect that you see him like a little brother… However, once you find out his true side, he’s a very sadistic baby, and his words are harsh when he teases.

However, I recommend Chiaki just because he is an understandable character, while he has his moments where he challenges you; understand that the MC challenges him quite often. His sadistic ways of teasing and manipulating you actually become fairly readable and entertaining as you progress through his stories. Making him one of my recommended characters to romance if you want to be teased.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Ota Kisaki | Handsome anime guys ...

A very popular character that is one of the more well-known ‘Switch’ Sadist types is Ota Kisaki, he is viewed as the most angelic artist out there. Seemingly charming and enigmatic, no one would guess that behind closed doors he has a fetish for making you into his new pet. His change comes instantly after the heroine is basically purchased by the bidders of the underground, and while his looks seem innocent–don’t be fooled by that smile it’ll just get you into a lot of trouble.

Just like Chiaki, Ota has issues about people and trust, which makes him cruel and harsh towards new comers or someone he has an interest in. He’s a bit of a hard swallow to take as he has his fair share of dark and sadistic ways that he bullies the MC, however, it’s during those certain moments that you see him break down and realize there’s more to him than meets the eye. I recommend Ota as another sadist to take a look into, if you want to uplevel your tastes in the otome world.


Gray’s Emotions at the Moment:

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Shota Sadist


Well, while this type isn’t uncommon anymore this character was a rare type in the early USA Otomelandia days, and it definitely threw people like me, who were expecting the ‘Shota’ types to be cute little younger guys trying to vie for your attention… to actually being the wolves in sheep clothing. Yep, the ‘Shota’ Sadist is a character that openly doesn’t hide that they are a sadist.

A great example is Souji Okita from Hakuoki, we already know from that look in his eyes to the way he speaks to the heroine in the game that he’s someone who loves to tease his lover. While he isn’t as cruel as the ‘Switch’ type, he takes supreme pleasure in seeing you squirm under certain conditions or situations that he creates. Albeit he does reward you for doing well, he’s another variant of the ‘N. Sadodere.’

Image about dreamy days in west tokyo in Rihito Hatsune by 日和

Another character that needs to be represented in this group is none other than Rihito Hatsune from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, he could be considered under the ‘switch’ type but after some long debate I’ve chosen to place him here with Souji. Rihito seems to come off as the angelic child of your childhood who always seemed to cry and be mistaken for a girl, but he’s all grown up in a sense when you meet him again, and he let’s you know… that he isn’t as kind as he was before.

Rihito makes the list of Shota Sadists as he openly tells the heroine when they get alone how he’s changed and even begins to tease her at the get go, as he wants to break away from his former image as a cute little child who would chase after the MC. He’s certainly a character to watch out for as he’s definitely someone who threw me for a damn loop when I played his route.

67 Best Sleepless cindrella images in 2020 | Sleepless, Anime ...

This ‘Shota’ Sadist entry wouldn’t be complete without one of my highly recommended soft sadists of this type. Mirai Kageyama, as he is one of the first characters you meet in Seduced in the Sleepless City and he does… change your fate like he states he will. It’s quite obvious with his expressions that he’s not just a mysterious type, he also has his moments of being a complete and utter tease towards the MC.

He doesn’t hide his personality from you, and his personality becomes more and more intriguing as you peel back the layers of his mysterious ways. He can be termed as a softer version of a sadodere, but don’t be fooled he has his PLENTY of moments that gets you hot under the collar and wondering what the hell you just got into.


Gray’s Reaction to this Section:

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Yandere Sadist

Forbidden Romance~ Office Lovers ~ Sadayoshi Saijo | kitandanna

Ya’ll know I have a thing for a possessive type of character, and when it comes to a Yandere I’m usually already intrigued, but I think I get a little more wound up when it’s a Yandere Sadist that comes into play. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Yandere Type please check out my blog on them, as this character is an ACQUIRED TASTE. So for those of you who know what a Yandere is, we know this character is possessive and extremely obsessed with you to the point of possibly committing violence against others who try to come near you.


yandere gifs | WiffleGif

Prepare to take a breather or skip this post as I talk about the character’s I recommend for a Yandere-Sado:

Review: Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~ (Haruyuki Otori ...

My number one out of recommendations for this type of sadist is Sadayoshi Saijo from Officer Lovers ~Forbidden ROmance~ by D3Publishers. He is a mixture of a switch and yandere as he tends to use his calm demeanor to get what he wants out of others and control situations. He is possessive of the heroine and will do anything to make sure no one else can have her to the point that he brings out an aura of alpha energy when people get too close, usually scaring people…

While no acts of violence occurs in his route, he definitely gets under your skin with his teasing and tempting seductions. He’s been watching you since you joined the company and he knows a lot about you considering you used to work with one another, however, his sadist side does come out when you are alone and the fact he’s a bit of Yandere takes the cake.

Several Shades of Sadism - Poll Best Character

Okay, Silent Sadist by ass… Sorry, I’m saying this in a loving way as this man isn’t quite as silent as he portrays himself to be. He’s a Yandere Sadist who truly likes to make sure no one is allowed to come near you or touch you. When you meet his character, I was a bit uncertain as to why he was considered ‘silent’ because let me tell you something that ‘possessive’ streak is not the usual ‘dom’ kind of obsession.

SSS - Kira Rei Impression | Otome Amino

He’s got a very dark side of grey that is absolutely not for the light-hearted and definitely not for someone who is a beginner at this type. Very commanding, domineering, but forth right in his possessiveness, you best believe you’re gonna drown under his orders when he deems that you’re being naughty as hell or not listening to him. Let’s say with his route, I was certainly NOT TRYING to be a brat on PURPOSE.


Gray’s Reactions to this type:

sub, nsfw, ddlg lifestyle and daddy dom - image #6847172 on



Tsundere Sadist


This is another rare form of sadist, and I haven’t really found many of them to be honest, and Mei Tarantino from Several Shades of Sadism is probably my only variant of this character type. Just like their Tsunderella counterparts, this character is both hot and cold but they have a twisted sense of sadistic motive when they fall in love or find someone of interest.

I’m referencing Mei as a beginner route to be introduced to the type as he’s hot/cold and can give you that sweetness you’re into if you want someone who can be adorable at times. However, because this is a Tsundere we are talking about this character can drive you nutso with their ways of talking, so you may want to brace yourself for some heavy verbal bantering.


Gray’s Reaction:

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N. Sadodere

Ryoichi Hirose and MC | Star crossed myth, Anime, Sleepless

A N. Sadodere, or the ‘normal’ S-Do is typically the character who comes outright that he is a sadist and let’s you know it first hand. Just like the ‘Shota’ variant, this is the original type that spawns all those bedroom bully type fantasies that the BDSM world tends to like, but these guys are more soft on tying you to them ordeal. They love to tease their lovers and make them do things that would embarrass them in public of behind closed doors.

What can I say? They’re sadists and they love teasing the one they love both in public and in the bedroom, with this character type I highly recommend Ryoichi Hirose from Seduced in the Sleepless City as you get a chance to softly get introduced into the archtype and slowly assimilate to his motives. Ryoichi definitely is a winner for anyone looking into having a slightly ‘normal’ variant of the Sadodere, but don’t let the N. Sadodere fool you, he’s going to get you hot under the collar fairly fast.

Pin on Seduced in Slepless City


Gray’s Reaction:

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Initial Reaction
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True Reaction




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just like in my posts for Dom-Types and Yandere-Types there is a FINE line between what is acceptable and what is NOT okay in a game. For me, I have managed to find the absolutely-hell-to-the-fucking-no sadist that you must never ever try to bother within a game. Sadist type personas are derived from the BDSM scene, and they are well known to inflict pain for pleasure, however, there are instances even in the dungeons of that world where an S-Dom can mess up someone horrifically.

Just like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, I detest S-Doms who don’t understand how to properly gauge and introduce a submissive into a scene. It utterly destroys the S&M trust between the two partners and can ultimately fuck up someone’s mind. So up above, I am showing a disgustingly real scenario that is unacceptable to even have been in a game. Forcing someone into a sexual situation without their consent is by far a violation of trust between the partners and is just vile as fuck.

This is coming from a person who is familiar of the BDSM scene, it is never okay to do an action without someone’s permission. Ever. This is why there is such a thing as ‘safe words,’ and certain hand gestures or body language that is used between partners. If you ever come across an S-Do in a game that forces himself on a character who is NOT GIVING CONSENT, drop the route; don’t pursue it. It is absolute hell to the no, and don’t come near me at all route that shouldn’t have even been published.



Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage launches March 28, 2019 in Japan ...

I needed to reference this game as a means to state that it is a whole lot of Yandere/Sadistic/Domination altogether, and this game is in a league of its own. If you’re truly wanting to experience a bit more of this type and the darker aspects of bullying, then don’t look farther than the translations and the anime of this game. Diabolik Lovers is a genre in itself that I can’t even begin to dissect over the amount of gameplay and translations and things I’ve read and played over the years.

If you type in ‘Sadist Hero’ in otome games or ‘Sadist Type’ in otome games, I’m more than 100% certain this game pops up on the search engine as everyone is practically a sadisr in here. Not to mention there’s some bizarre moments that borderline the gray areas of the Yandere subtypes combined.

I do recommend this game if you are into the dark sadistic and yandere type lovers, however, keep in mind that this is a fantasy world and to read at your own discretion.

CHAOS LINEAGE [VIOLET] | Diabolik Lovers💋 Amino

CHAOS LINEAGE】 | Diabolik Lovers💋 Amino



akazukin to mayoi no mori (с изображениями) | Аниме, Игры

This is a game about our lovely childhood fairytales turned dark and seductive, you play as Tiana who is suppose to be little red riding hood going out into the Forest of Hesitation. This game is not for young adults, but please read at your own discretion as their are some elements in the game you may or may not agree with. There are several characters in here that have the dark sadistic/yandere tendency that some people crave.

I recommend reading the translations or buying the game to get a more in depth look into this very sexy game, but be advised… It can get cruel to those who aren’t into this kind of characters…

Tags: Anime, Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori, Yamaneko-san, Tiana (Akazukin To Mayoi No Mori), CG Art, Red Riding Hood And The Lost Forest


PersonA ~Opera-za no Kaijin~ [R18+]

PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ Erik❤Christine - YouTube

This wouldn’t be a complete blog without talking about this game as two of the main characters in the story you can romance are on par with this blog, and the types I spoke about. Be advised this is also a R18+ games and there are translations out there, but please be advised there are elements in the game that will not be agreeable to certain audiences and I state to be mindful of what you are getting yourself into.

This game is influenced by none other than one of my favorite musicals ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and it actually takes the darker aspects of the original book into the consideration. You play as Christine Da’a and you are thrust into the world of music, but be careful dear one as not all of the music of the night is what it seems…



There are plenty of other games I could mention that features a sadistic type character, but I’m going to not reference that at this time because it may take up too much blogging LMAO. As always guys, these are just my recommendations and a display of the character type. I always advise to please research and be mindful of what you find, as the internet and the gaming world caters to many different tastes.

However, the Sadodere aka S-Do will always be one of my favorite character types in Otomelandia and while there are a few exceptions to this archtype that I will not play, a lot of the men I’ve romanced have played well in the good areas of this trope. Until we blog again, see ya next time and thanks for reading!


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