ARC: A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder

The author gave me an advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review, thank you Net Galley for giving me a chance to devour this book. The opinions are strictly my own.

Sadly, this is not going to be a happy and exciting one, as I found that while the book had magnificent prose to draw a reader into the fantastic world of Ms. Emmeline’s mission. It missed the mark on driving the plot through due to the mass amount of misandry coming from the main character. I am for standing up for equal rights and treatment of women and saving children, however–the unstable rage the character kept shoving at me as I tried to read the story was horribly unbearable.

I wanted to love this series, as I’ve loved Victoria Hamilton’s The Vintage Kitchen Series, but I couldn’t grasp how some of the passages were overkill–I found myself trying hard to finish to get to the end, and neither was it enjoyable to try and figure out the whodunit. Emmeline is a strong character, with a very well-written background for her to be an unlikely heroine–yet her manhating was extreme. She was constantly picking fights with random men, and somehow all the men were two-faced in the novel, including the KIND gentleman who is her childhood friend WHO LOVES HER.

With the utmost sadness, this book did not work well for me. I felt that there should have been more focus on proper character development and staying on point with the plot. The novel has potential, but I feel both writer and editor lost the purpose of the story as it felt that it was more directed to push something else that I felt was unnecessary.

Rating o(TヘTo):
1/5 Stars ★


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