Traveling Through Teyvat, and New Pages to Blog

(If you’d like to hear the audio version of this blog, use Natural Reader, copy and paste the blog and press play on the app! They are not a sponsor, I just wanted to state how awesome this app is because I use it to listen to every blog I like, and it makes it easier on my eyes, give it a try!)

Wow, it’s been a heck of a New Year week. I’m sad to see the Christmas decorations be put back into boxes as we prepare for Valentine’s next month. However, I did get a snow day a few times last year, so that was a plus!

During my time away, I rejoined the land of Teyvat with Paimon and Aether to find Lumine and the mystery behind Khaen’riah. I’ve been into Genshin Impact since a few months after it came out, because my little brother had highly recommended it to me. I hadn’t joined the hype behind it during that time because I was out on assignment and couldn’t access technology.

However, after my assignment finished, I got my devices back and turned to playing Genshin Impact on my down time after work. Needless to say, this game has been full of surprises and the never-ending NEED to gain 5-Star characters. I’m certain this has been a huge whale wallet for me, just like my otome games. However, who cannot love the art-style and the beautiful graphics in this world?

Not only that, the strong storyline and consistently creative background stories of the characters is amazing. I’m a sap for great storytelling, and I have not been disappointed so far with every character’s ‘hangout’ or story arc. My favorite being Benny, because he’s so adorkable that he would be a best friend irl, and I’d still be friends even with his so-called ‘bad luck.’

Whilst also playing Genshin, I decided to finally restart my side hobby of narrating again, albeit in short chapters or paragraphs. With my current workload in the real world, making short clips is more doable than longer ones:

If you want to check out some of my previous works and also want to keep up with my uploads (when I make them), check out my new page for my narrations here! I take a lot of time to try and make my voice as clear as possible, and I’m sorry if the quality isn’t as great, I try my best, and overall I’m just enjoying the ride.

Lastly, the next new page to launch as of the New Year is my daily Bible reading, it allows me to highlight the verses that I studied and or challenged my thoughts. I understand if this isn’t for you, and you can completely avoid it and check out my other pages, however, if you are also a fellow Christian, please drop on by here!

Needless to say, my New Year has had its trials but I’m going to keep pushing through and rely on God to keep leading me. Getting back into things that I had to pause on because of my previous work assignment took a toll on me, and I’m thankful God has put me in a place to be able to do some of the things I loved doing prior to my assignment.

So here’s to more adventures, bible studies, and Genshin Impact grinding/farming, and prayers.


2 responses to “Traveling Through Teyvat, and New Pages to Blog”

  1. I love Genshin ! the newer stories have been really good and haven’t disappointed at all.

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    1. Same! I am extremely enamored by the great story building and character development for all the characters. Also, the graphics are beyond beautiful, same goes for the music!

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