Flying Low in Teyvat

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I posted on my blog, which is fairly terrible of me. To be honest, I’ve been going through a few things and just trying to handle the issues the best way I can. My day job keeps me fairly preoccupied and while I could give stories about my work-related adventures.

I prefer the more fantasy travels on my nightly strolls through Teyvat with Aether and the Genshin gang. I’ve been focused on trying to get my main team to either level 80 or 90, depending on how well I’ve constructed their artifact set and talents. ‘Cuz I’ll tell ya, the Mora ain’t easy to make and the limits on resin for domain fights aren’t easy either.

However, when I run out on resin, at least I have side stories and quests to still finish on my queue. To be quite honest, Genshin has consistently kept me playing a lot longer than other games that I’ve encountered. With its vivid imagery, and mostly fantastic storytelling and lore, it’s hard to not be kept engaged.

Not to mention some of the silly shenanigans that the side characters end up dragging you into are just as fun, or strange when you finish a story. In any case, while I work through real -life issues, I’m flying low over Teyvat to keep my mind from falling any further down an unnecessary rabbit-hole.

Until next time, keep on gaming!


One response to “Flying Low in Teyvat”

  1. Nice blog post! I’ve personally just been exploring the world over anything in Genshin right now.


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