Game Review: Higurashi Watanagashi-hen (The Gut Spilling)



Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a good visual novel, and because visual novels are just stories that have been animated into a game. I’ve also provided for any other adventurous reader to please pick up the manga version if the game is not so much to your fancy. I have nothing but praise for Ryukishi07 and their creation of this series.

For anyone new to the series, it is best to start with the beginning arc, called Higurashi Onikakushi-hen (Demoning Away Arc), because if you love a good mystery, you’ll need to follow all of the clues from each arc as it progresses. However, the arcs can be standalone, if you love the horror suspense genre. I do want to give a warning that there is violence, blood, gore, and psychological horror embedded in the visual novel and manga.

I can go on and on about Higurashi, and how well-crafted the story is, from the mundane scenes to the most terrifying experiences that can ever be instilled into your core. But I must drive home the one thing Higurashi has always managed to produce, as one of the great story-telling creators, they’ve managed to positively draw readers into believing that you’re just reading a story about kids growing up. When all of what you read, see, feel, and laugh about with these characters as the story progresses is ultimately a false narrative that completely destroys whatever you had initially thought.

It’s super rare to find novels that create the most chilling stories with very little detailing, the writers truly crafted an amazing visual novel that hones the ability to draw readers into a false sense of safety. Regardless, Higurashi will always remain on my list as one of the top best-written manga(s), anime, and visual novel game(s) created. It’s a good read, especially for the fall season, and if you’re looking for some chilling horror that can truly mess with your mind. Overall, Higurashi Watanagashi-hen gets a raving 5 stars from me!

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